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How To Keep Your Family’s House Clean With Dogs

31st Aug 2017

Keeping a house clean with a family is challenging as it is. With crumbs frequently falling between every crevice, sticky handprints on the walls, and things spilling it can seem like you can never seem to catch up. Throwing a pet into the mix makes things even more complicated to keep up with.

In order to keep a clean house with dogs, it’s important to know a few tips and tricks to minimize the mess before it even starts. If pet owners don’t take the proper precautions, smells and stains can quickly start to accumulate. Here are some of the best tips for staying on top of cleaning duties with a dog in the house.

Vacuum Frequently

It is important to vacuum at least once every other day. This way you can make sure that you are regularly keeping up with the fur that inevitably accumulates when you have a dog in the house.

Rather than letting large amounts of hair build-up and doing a long cleaning session less frequently, it is less time-consuming in the long run to clean for short periods of time more often.

If your vacuum isn’t equipped specifically for pets you may want to invest in a vacuum designed for pet owners. This will come particularly in handy for dogs with long hair.

Keep Them Off The Furniture

It may be tempting to want to let your cute dog up on the couch with you as you snuggle up to a movie or let them crawl into bed with you when they give you those cute eyes. However, this is a fast way to start building up extra dirt and grime on your furniture.

If you absolutely must have them on your furniture then you may want to consider a pillow or blanket specifically for them which you use as a cover over the surface of your bed or couch. This way you can minimize the dirt and hair that will build up. Besides this, you can regularly clean your furniture, especially the upholstery to avoid dirt and dust. For that, you can contact furniture & upholstery cleaners like Chem-Dry who can do the job quickly.

Take Them Outside Frequently

Do you know why dogs should be taken outside frequently? Do you know why many pets suffer from restlessness and behave abnormally? Do you know how surroundings can play an important role in calming your dog?
When dogs aren’t
taken outside enough, they start to become bored. When dogs become restless and bored then they are prone to misbehaving and destroying your things. Having to clean up messes like chewed up shoes or tattered clothing is extra time out of your day that you don’t need to deal with.

Taking them outside will minimize the chances of destruction and also encourage them not to pee or poop inside.

Give Them Baths

You should give your dog a bath at least 3 times a month depending on the breed and how often they go outside and in what conditions. Try talking to your veterinarian about the best shampoo choices based on their fur type.

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