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How to Entertain Yourself in Tbilisi: Songs, Dances, Original Restaurants and Games

11th Feb 2020

Holidays in Georgia is an event that prepares many surprises for the traveler. The culture of the country is so colorful and attractive, and people are so friendly and sociable that you should definitely arrange yourself a cultural holiday. It is worth listening to the famous Georgian polyphony and watching national dances. Go to a real Tbilisi restaurant or order a junket tour to Tbilisi to combine these pleasures.

Georgian national dances and polyphony is not only a local cultural heritage, but also a world heritage – for example, UNESCO has included them in its corresponding list.

Georgians sing from the heart and for almost any reason, as well as without it. You can hear traditional Georgian singing anywhere – in a restaurant, on the street, in transport. For example, on YouTube a shaft of rollers where bored Georgians sing at the airport while waiting for a flight or already on the plane on their way home.

Many Georgian restaurants offer a musical program in the evenings – choirs performances and dance troupes. One of the best, if you do not take the professional scene, is considered an entertainment program in the ethnic restaurant “Tsiskvili”, you can also enjoy singing and dancing in the restaurant Azarphesha – its owner Luarsab Togonidze himself sings in the choir.

On weekends and holidays, performances by local stars are an integral part of the best casino in Tbilisi. It is the unit of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International – Shangri La.

The managing director of Storm International, Darren Keane, said that the show is always created to the public tastes. And the guests are invariably delighted with the voices and dances of Georgian performers.

But the entertainment program in a restaurant or casino, no matter how good it is, is almost always inferior to a real professional show. If you’re lucky, be sure to go to the dance show of the Sukhishvili National Ballet troupe – this is the country’s most famous dance group. Their work has nothing to do with classical ballet; these are Georgian national dances of the highest level.

The troupe very often tours abroad – while in Tbilisi, it usually performs on the Tbilisi Concert Hall stage, now called the former Philharmonic.

Another popular dance group – Ramishvili – usually offers a combination of modern dances with folklore elements.

There are several very famous and popular groups:

  • “Rustavi” – national dances and polyphony.
  • Ericioni began as a folk choir, but now their shows are a mix of choral singing and national dances.
  • “Bassiani” is a national song choir that has gained worldwide fame. They are rare in Georgia – but if you’re lucky, be sure to go.

Going to a real Tbilisi restaurant, dukhan or khinkalnaya means giving yourself a celebration of taste and communication. Finding a list of popular establishments on the Internet is very easy, the main thing is to monitor the recommendations relevance, because trends are changing rapidly. One of the stable recommendations over the years is the restaurant in Shangri La. This is a VIP place with elegant surroundings and views of the Kura River and the Bridge of Peace. The establishment is managed by Storm International, Darren Keane recalled, which means that here they strictly monitor quality and offer the highest service.

In general, a trip to the average restaurant in the city looks something like this: first you calmly order dishes, and after eight in the evening the entertainment program begins. The repertoire varies widely and depends on the place level: from the songs of the radio “Chanson” to quite professional Georgian dances.

But the most interesting thing is usually to watch the Georgian vacationing companies – at some stage they become bored just drinking and talking, and they begin to sing. Rather, SING. And since almost all Georgians are born singers, then after that the entertainment program can be minimized, it is no longer interesting to anyone. Plus, almost always a delegate from a Georgian company invites foreign guests at their table “for one cup, the genatsvale”. It is up to you to agree or not, but if you agree, you will be provided with an unforgettable evening in the company of cheerful Georgians.

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