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How to Design your Home Gym in Queens, NY

17th Jun 2022

For people in Queens, NY who specifically want to stay in shape but also work out at home, the design of a home gym is a top priority. Some people can make a state-of-the-art space dedicated to their fitness, but for most of us, a little strategy is needed to find the best use of the best space, for the best investment of money. After all, any permanent updates to your structure could impact your home’s valuation. Here are some principles to consider as you design your home gym. 

Choose a Space With Care

Most of us aren’t going to turn the whole living room into a gym or tuck our bed away to turn the rest of the bedroom into a gym, so where should your gym space live? Most people opt for some part of the home that is underutilized as is. Some people have walk-in closets that they don’t really put to use that can hold the basics for a body-weight-centric workout, while others find that an alcove, an oddly shaped hallway, or even a foyer makes sense as a gym station. Top on the list are unfinished spaces, including attics, basements, and garages, since gym equipment can tolerate a little bit of temperature fluctuation usually. 

Opt For Only the Equipment and Space You Need

If you realistically know that you’ll always be doing your exercises on your stationary bike, you don’t have to set up a weight rack just to make the space “look” like a gym. You can choose to customize the gym for your needs. That being said, the only focus isn’t to conserve space, but to create functionality. If your favorite workout is dance, you may need an entire basement’s space to really get your choreography going. The key is to not waste space, but also not to create a space that is so cramped that you don’t end up using it.

When it comes to equipment, too, you can start small and scale up as you realize that a particular addition would really help. If you already have great equipment, make sure to leave enough room for you to use what you have fully. With the advent of workout classes and internet connected workout machines like smart treadmills, you can feel like you’re working out in a group fitness class without going anywhere, and that feeling can be powerful! Consider whether it would benefit your home gym.

Don’t Forget Padding, Mirrors, and Music

Most of us need at least a small area for floor stretching and exercise, so consider getting mats or foam to keep hard floors from being too punishing. Mirrors can help if you’re wanting to be able to monitor form while exercising, and make the space feel bigger as a bonus. Finally, make sure you have an easy way to play your music, watch TV, or listen to a podcast if those things help you remember to show up for your workout. Whether that means just using wireless earbuds or blasting music on a boombox, figure out what works best for your workout and anyone who will also be listening to your tunes as a result. 

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