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How To Create A Kitchen The Whole Family Can Love

21st Apr 2017

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that everyone uses and they use it often. You cool in there, everyone gets drinks in there, sometimes experiments (from all ages) happen in there, and it’s where everyone goes to find a snack. Because it’s such a popular room in the home it makes sense that you want it to always be a friendly and inviting place.

You can bet that if your children have friends over their friends will end up in your kitchen. If your kitchen is gross you can also bet their parents will hear about it and you just might be a little embarrassed. Here are some ways to save yourself the embarrassment and create a kitchen your children’s friend’s families will be jealous of.

Invest In Something Unique

Start out by giving your kitchen, and your family, something unique that sets your place apart from all of the others. One great idea is to get some glassware with your family name on them. This will save company from walking off with them, for one thing.

You may also want to take the family to a pottery store where you can decorate your own serving trays and other items, like mugs for coffee or tea. This gives your kitchen something a little more personal, and instead of it being just some art on the fridge it’s actually art you can use.

Get All The Right Gadgets

A kitchen with the right gadgets is a happy kitchen and a less stressful one (as long as you have room for all of those gadgets). An electric can opener can make it easier for smaller hands to help out in the kitchen. A blender and mixer will save on a lot of elbow grease.

If you’re raising your family on healthy foods you might want to invest in a juicer. Another good investment is a Magic Bullet or Ninja (both great for making your own smoothies and even nut butters).

Make It Kid-Friendly

Get some cooking and baking items that a kid-friendly, for whatever age your children are. Even an Easy Bake Oven can be a good investment. Buy utensils that are for tinier hands and teach your children how to cook and bake as soon as they are old enough to remember not to touch the hot oven.

Decorate It

Make your kitchen look nice with the right decor. Instead of just hanging your children art of the fridge, get items framed and hang them on the wall. Or come up with a decor theme for your kitchen, whether that means having coffee cups on your towels or chicken salt & pepper shakers. Let everyone have a say in what your kitchen decor is about, and make it look fun!

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