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How To Create A Cleaner And More Organized Home

1st Jun 2016

Everyone dreams of a completely clean and organized home, while most people will never achieve this. Since the moment all of the laundry is done or all of the dishes are done someone dirties something, there will always be cleaning jobs that need to be done.


However, you can keep your home somewhat cleaner and more organized if you follow a few certain steps and rules. It will just make it easier to put things away if you make sure you have places to put everything.

Rent A Storage Space

For most people, the rental of a storage unit comes only when they are moving and need someplace to store certain items that maybe they don’t need right away at their new place, or items that just won’t fit because they are downsizing.

People who own a lot of things know that there are other reasons to invest in a rental storage space though. Your storage unit could help you stay more cleaned and organized, especially if you don’t have a garage, shed, or storage space in your home or apartment building. It’s a great place to keep larger object or out of season items.

Have A Home For Everything

The key to an organized home is to make sure that everything has a place. You may need to buy dressers, storage bins, or other container and organizational items, but it’s worth it. When putting items in storage, store like items together in clear bins so you can get a glimpse of what is in them right off hand.

In kids rooms have toy boxes and bins where they can keep all their belongings put away and organized, and out from under the bed. You may even want a desk in their room where they can keep school books and homework so it doesn’t get eaten by the dog.

Make A Cleaning Schedule

Don’t just do all of the cleaning yourself all of the time. That can get stressful and it can make you resentful of the other people in your household that aren’t putting in their fair share. One way to make sure everyone takes a part in house cleaning is to make a cleaning schedule.

You can even simply use a calendar and write who should do what each day, from laundry and vacuuming to doing and putting away the dishes. Switch up what each person does each week so no one feels like they are being punished because they have to do the dishes or clean the toilet every time.

While there may always be dirty dishes in your home, it can at least be more relaxing when you know they won’t be there forever, and when you know the rest of your stuff has a place and is in that place, not out where you’ll trip on it.

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