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How Technology has Helped the Vaping Industry

3rd Aug 2021

Technology continues to improve the vaping experience, and in turn, the numbers of those interested in partaking in its delights. There is no doubt that it is a relaxing activity. It was invented as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smoking and so is the preferred method of relaxation chosen by many. The industry boasts competitiveness when it comes to winning over the hearts and minds of those who smoked before and for attracting new people that have never smoked and want something that is not linked to debilitating and life-threatening health conditions.

One of the more recent technological advancements in vaping relates to the development of the ccell vape. So, we will consider ccells in this article along with other innovations from the vaping industry.


The e-cigarette was invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, who developed the device as an alternative to conventional smoking. It was with the health of the people in mind that he developed it. Lik was a former deputy director for the Institute of Chinese Medicine in Liaoning Province.

The principle with all vaping devices does not change in that they all consist of an atomizer, a battery as a power source, and the e-liquid that is vaporized. There are other modifications that can improve the vaping experience by making things more potent, or producing larger clouds of vapor. People can look for CBD vape oil uk or in other locations that may come in varied flavors and fragrances to improve the experience.


Ccells when vaping will hit faster and harder than their draw-activated predecessors, although these are still available to buy as well. Devices with ccells are known for producing excellent flavours and for producing vast clouds of smoke. This occurs when huge hits are taken. The ccell palm vape is a vaporizer that is oil compatible and both simple and effective in its operation.

Vape Pods

Pods can be defined as a form of e-cigarette where a mouthpiece connected to the body of a device by magnets is used to vape nicotine. They will contain disposable cartridges and consist of coils that cannot be changed or removed.

The purpose of pods over cartridges is that they use larger carts to save on replacing them so often. It depends on whether you are into vaping the same flavour or want to try as many new flavours as possible, as to whether this is a selling point for them. Pods do, however, have more powerful batteries which will last longer when they are the product of high-quality manufacturers.

With vape pods, the flavour is best delivered with a sub-ohm tank when you have a high VG e-liquid involved from renowned brands, for example, Nasty Juice and other similar ones. The sub-ohm tanks are, however, not recommended when the vape e-juice contains more than 6mg of nicotine. So, that is something to bear in mind with this technology when this level of nicotine is often not enough for vapers when they first quit smoking.

In conclusion, the technology of vaping now includes ccells and vape pods with sub-ohm tanks. Ccells represent the way that many connected to today’s vaping community will gain their vaping pleasure. This is because of their potential to generate more potent hits that produce larger clouds of satisfying vapour. Then, the many flavours that continue to be produced fuel the want for more. It is less likely that you will get addicted to any one flavour, though, as smokers do with nicotine because there are just so many out there that you will be keen to try.

Apart from the changing technologies in vaping, which still stay faithful to the original invention and purpose of the e-cigarette, flavours are the other way vaping continues to technologically advance. Blends are put together that not only represent one familiar food, drink, or piece of candy, but become the blend of several and so are new, exciting, and different to try. So, apart from helping our health here, we are making life more exciting by vaping instead of smoking.

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