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Home Management is a Fulltime Job

7th May 2018

I reckon it was a good thing that all learners had to endure the lessons of the Home Economics class back when I was still in school. I wonder if they still have that nowadays, but it was a great window into the world of what home management is all about, albeit it offered only a brief peek into this rather intriguing and challenging world.

It is indeed a fulltime job managing a home, which is why in my humblest opinion I reckon the old-school model of the husband going out to work and the mum staying home as a housewife proving to stand the test of time. Don’t get me wrong – as much as a part of me embraces the independent career woman thing, in many respects I just think it’s more natural for there to be a bread-winner and housewife scenario.

Of course that’s more of a traditional way of looking at it, but it’s becoming more and more common for the traditionally defined roles to be switched all the way around, with the term “house husband” becoming an actual thing. What’s wrong with it? If it works for your family then who on earth would you be trying to please otherwise?

Anyway, that escalated rather quickly into something of a rant, but what I’d really like to discuss today is just how much hard work goes into managing the domestic situation at home. I really do admire those career women who balance their professional careers with their motherly duties, but I simply cannot imagine how they manage because it’s exhausting just taking care of the domestic duties at home. I guess how it ultimately plays out is that there are specific areas in which some compromises are inevitable, such as resigning to the fact that you might just miss some important milestones in the development of your child.

Can you imagine not being there when your child takes their first steps, for example? I most certainly couldn’t!

Such is life though – we all make our choices and in many instances it’s just sad because we don’t really have a choice to make. It’s just the order of the day – your career or other aspects of your life dictate to you that you have to be at a certain place at a certain time…

Nonetheless, the fulltime home management job is one I reckon everybody should experience at least once or twice in their lives, for like an entire week or so, just so that they can learn to appreciate the role someone like a housewife takes. I swear, your mind is always working, considering things like when the best time to bring in the pest controllers so that their work doesn’t interfere with the regular running of the household. Speaking of pest control Salem Oregon residents are lucky in that regard as they have the option of pest control service providers who specialise in specific pests, allowing them to plan better with regards to considerations of things like how the chemicals used are going to affect the kids, pets, etc.

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