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Holiday Gift Ideas For The Eco-Friendly Member Of Your Family

1st Dec 2016

We all love our planet but there is always the member of any family that is extremely passionate about the environment.  This member of the family is not going to want the newest tech device or shiny gadget wrapped in plastic this holiday season.  They are going to want an eco-friendly gift that is sustainable.  If you are having trouble finding a gift that is green, look no further.  Here are a few gift ideas for the tree hugging, earth lover in your family.


Gift Them An Experience

Instead of spending the money on something that will ultimately just clutter up their house, opt to buy them an experience.  Look into purchasing them tickets to a play, a cooking class or a gift card at their favorite store.  Since you know they love the outdoors also look into purchasing a rock-climbing lesson or a guided kayak adventure.  Actually giving the gift of an experience is a great idea for everyone in your family too.

Donation In Their Name

Hint around or just flat out ask what charity or conservation project they support.  Many conservation organizations allow you to buy gifts or adopt an animal that benefits the organization with its conservation efforts.  Make sure if you are going to donate look into organizations with stellar reputations such as World Wildlife Fund or the National Wildlife Federation.  Unfortunately, the holidays do bring out many “charities” that may not be legitimate and use the holidays as a way to scam people out of their hard-earned cash.

Gardening Gifts

Even during the winter, plants can be a great gift for the nature lover in your life.  Look into tree planting kits or giving plants as gifts this holiday season.  If your eco-friendly relative or friend is a gardener look into seed kits, natural birdhouses or a slew of other gardening gift ideas.

Food Gifts

Giving the gift of food is also a great idea during the holidays, that won’t clutter loved ones’ homes.  Homemade jams, extracts, and of course baked goods are all cool gifts that everyone will enjoy.  You can also sign up your family member to a wine or cheese club that will deliver something to their door each month which is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Homemade Gifts

If you are a crafty person you can use that to your advantage this holiday season and make an eco-friendly gift like jewelry, candles, and scarves.  Another great gift idea is to take family pictures and get them framed professionally.

So if braving the crowds on “Black Friday” or sitting at your computer for “Cyber Monday” isn’t for you, decide to go green this Holiday season.  There are some great gifts out there for the earth lovers in your life if you know where to look.

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