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Gift Ideas that Never Get Old

29th Jul 2018

As much as it’s never our intention to complicate things when we seek to source gifts to correspond to the seasonal special occasion for our friends and family, the process cannot help but get a bit complicated. We don’t want to over-think things at all, but we get pressure from so many different sources to have to put a bit too much money, time, effort and thought into the gifts we want to give.

Why not be the one who brings the sanity back into it by being sensible about the gifts you get for the people in your inner-circles? I’m not suggesting you go for the obvious last-minute gifts you often find at the airport terminal, but rather just seeking to open your eyes up to the essence of what getting a loved-one a gift is all about.

If you’re going to be doing this every single year for as long as all these people are in your life then you have to be able to afford it, this while you don’t ever come across as if you’re running out of ideas of course. You still want to come across as if you’ve put in the effort you duly put in.

So here are some gift ideas which by mere virtue of the many variables they present, never get old.

Photo Albums

It is now easier than ever to create a beautiful professional-looking photo album full of your happiest memories with your loved one. Gone are the days of flimsy notebooks with photo’s haphazardly stuck down with peeling glue. Personalized photo books are a timeless gift that will be enjoyed not only by the recipient but also by future generations. They are an important piece of history, documenting all the smiles, clothes, food, cars, holidays, day-trips, walks and lazy days in the garden and park that will bring even more smiles to those who view them.

Timeshare Getaways

Hear me out here – gifting timeshare escapes is not a way of giving your loved ones gifts they can’t use and will therefore have no desire to want to entertain. You should be the one to sign up to the right timeshare getaway programme. This is because with the right programme you can book a getaway for a very nice price and you can invite whomever you want to give a nice present to, to come along when you go on your next trip.

Hosting Events

I suppose inviting your loved ones to come along with you on a timeshare getaway is an iteration of hosting an event as a means through which to give a gift, but otherwise in the purest sense of hosting events, what this means is that you can spend money on the general organisation of the event as a gift which can be enjoyed by all in attendance. You won’t have to break the bank with individual gifts.

Gift Vouchers

Those who really love you will love you even more for giving them what is perhaps the ultimate gift, the gift of choice! Gift vouchers save a lot of the pain of having to break your head trying to come up with the perfect gift, but also save the recipient the pain of possibly receiving an utterly useless gift they can’t find a use for.

Gift Baskets

As far as affordable Christmas gifts under $50 go, it perhaps doesn’t get better than gift baskets because they come in so many different forms, shapes and sizes. This means that you can give a gift basket as a Christmas gift for the remainder of your lifetime and it wouldn’t ever get old.

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