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Getting in Touch with Your Inner Child for Your Child’s Safety

15th May 2017

Well even if you don’t quite remember it yourself, your parents and any other adults who were part of your upbringing will probably confirm just how inquisitive you were — just how you were perhaps inclined to at least try and experience for yourself something which you were told about. Unfortunately this might have meant that you also endeavoured to do exactly that which you were expressly told not to do, perhaps even more so during the experimental teenage years.

That’s just our nature and you shouldn’t think your little darling of a child is any different. They’re constantly trying to test the boundaries and see if they can’t find ways to bypass the rules, if only just once or twice for the experience. Ordinarily and within reason of course there’s nothing much wrong with questioning things, but in the same way that doing something that got you into trouble might have come with a valuable life lesson when you were growing up, your children also need the protection of their parents, you, in more ways than they themselves may believe.

So in order to ensure the safety of your child or rather to make sure they’re as safe as they can be you’ll need to get in touch with your own inner child and perhaps iterate through the various ways you might have tried to bend the rules when you were growing up, particularly those ways which could open up the door for some serious trouble. Granted, being a parent to a child growing up in this day and age is definitely not like how it was for your parents when you were still a kid. It’s a rather unfortunate position we all find ourselves in, but there are a lot more threats to the safety of our kids these days than there were back when we were growing up.

So, in order to get in touch with your inner child for your own child’s safety, first you need to know just what threats may cross their paths. Some of those threats are only a few clicks of the mouse button or a few swipes of the mobile device away, so in line with the precautions outlined in the Parent’s Survival Guide to Online Safety (by Kidguard), you might need some specialist information yourself about just how to deal with these threats and ideally spot and prevent them long before they can even develop.

Thinking about what could possibly happen to your child is about as painful as the various nefarious activities aimed at children actually happening to your child, so by no means should you ever feel like you’re being too overbearing, paranoid or overprotective. Use mobile phone monitoring and GPS tracking services if needs be — it’s your child’s safety at stake here.

What this means though is that you might have to do a bit of research about the various hacks available, believe it or not, for children to use if they want to counteract the child-monitoring measures typically employed by their parents.

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