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Five Tips For Living A More Minimalist Home Life

30th Dec 2015

If you are one of those people that just doesn’t feel like you need a ton of things to make your home a happy one, you may be interested in some ideas for living a more minimalistic lifestyle, and decorating your house more minimalistically. Living with less doesn’t mean that your home looks like no one lives there, it’s just a great way to feel comfortable in your own home, rather than cluttered and stressed.


How Much Furniture Do You Really Need?

One great way to start going more minimal is to look at the furniture you have and determine if you really need it all. How many people are actually in your family, and how often do you have guests? Use this to determine how much seating you need, both in your living room and your dining room.

Look at the tables you have in your home. What are they being used for? If you have tables with nothing on them that you never use for anything or any that are simply catch-alls for clutter, get rid of them. The less places you have for clutter the less clutter you will have.

Considering Less Decor

Speaking of clutter– Your decor can be considered clutter, depending on how you are using it. Start by looking at your walls, and if you have so many things on your walls that it looks disorganized and clustered it might be time to donate or sell some of your wall art and decor.

Do the same when it comes to collectibles on shelves. Plus, if you have collections and decor that have just never found a home it is definitely time to find them a new home, out of your house. Don’t become a hoarder, especially when you want to be just the opposite.

De-Cluttering Your Home

If you simply just feel like it’s time to get rid of the clutter in your home, which will be enough to help your live more minimally, here are some things that can help get you to that point. It starts with two boxes– one for trash and one for donations.

Go through the things in your home and determine the last time you used them, if they serve a purpose in your home, and what type of sentiment they have to you. Items that you haven’t used or serve no purpose in your home can immediately go into one of the boxes. If it can be used by someone else and is in decent shape, donate it.

As far as sentimental items go, if you feel you should get rid of it, take a photo to keep in place of the item. You’ll have the memories– you don’t need the item for that.

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