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Five Relationship Problems And How To Deal With Them

20th Jun 2017

Romantic relationships aren’t always wine and roses. Romance isn’t something that happens on a daily basis, and sometimes the romance even completely dies in a relationship. There are many things that can mar or kill a once good relationship (plus, some relationships are never really “good” in the first place).

When you have problems in your romantic relationship you need to get on top of them. Things can get bad if you don’t deal with problems as they creep up. Here are some of the issues couples sometimes face and some tips on how to get through them.


When you have a loved one that is under the same roof as you going through addiction it can be really hard on both of you. They may realize they have a problem, or they may not. If they do realize it, they may feel inadequacies for not being able to easily kick their habits. If they don’t see the problem they could be heading down an even worse path.

Addiction is sometimes the root cause of other relationship issues. Abuse can stem from addiction, as can financial difficulties. Stage an intervention, get the addict help and seek therapy yourself. You may be able to fix things, or it may be time to walk away.


Abuse comes in many forms. Two of the most common types in romantic relationships are physical and emotional. They both encompass many “side effects” though.

Physical abuse is usually easily detected through hitting, punching, shoving, and other physical actions, and leaves marks of some kind. Emotional abuse takes many forms and can include tactics like gaslighting. The only ways out of these relationships are therapy and/or leaving.

Financial Difficulty

Money is one of the top reasons for fights amongst most couples. Financial difficulties can put a strain on even the most solid of relationships. If you are having money problems, whether they are shared or individual, you need to get them straightened out.

The key to doing this is to sit down and talk about the problem, find ways to cut expenses and save more money and deal with the debt head on.


Sometimes separations happen. Maybe it’s a trial separation to see if you can work things out after having a breather. Maybe you’re not separated by choice, but it’s because of a career choice that has taken one of you out of the country.

Separations can be good or bad. For some, the distance makes the heart grow fonder. For others, it makes the heart grow toward someone else. Stay in communication while you’re apart, but always keep it loving.


Divorce sucks. When you got married you didn’t do it with the intention to get a divorce. It’s not always an expensive venture, but it can wear on your nerves.

To get through a divorce, start by making sure it’s the right decision (talk things over, go to counseling). Then, just push through it and it will be over before you know it and you’ll be starting over.

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