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Fill your pocket with money by playing online bingo

23rd Nov 2016

As a mum, I’m always looking and deciding on the pocket money that I should be giving my kid, but never once thought about rewarding myself with it until I came across online bingo. The concept of online bingo gaming left a pretty good impression on me where I can enjoy as well as earn some pocket money for myself. So here I am, sharing to you on how to earn that little pocket money from home in your free time without having to go through any hard core learning or any practice at all.


Online bingo is a simple game with hassle free concept. It is just like the traditional bingo which we learned from our grans. Online bingo uses random number generator and has an auto daub feature which does 90% of our work, while the 10% of it is dependent on us.

Online bingo has various bingo games and other games such as slots and casinos games that the players can choose to play from. The different bingo rooms are fun and exciting as well. Each bingo room has its own unique feature. Out of all the bingo rooms such as 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball etc., the 90 ball bingo room is the most common and loved bingo room.

Online bingo has various types of prizes and jackpots to be won, without the player having to do anything much. The common types of jackpots are present, progressive and community jackpots. A fixed jackpot is always available to win, no matter how often it is won, while the progressive jackpot is a little tough one to get your hands on. The community jackpots are also something to look into. While the bingo game is on, you can have a little conversation with the chat hosts and other players and in the meanwhile, chat hosts of these bingo sites sometimes conduct some quick games for the chatters which gives a good chance to the players to earn a little extra along with the bingo money that you earn. You can check this Dotty Bingo page to know more about the jackpots.

As said, online bingo sites don’t only have bingo games but also casinos, slots, scratch and some freebet games as well. If bingo is not your thing, then you can always switch to these games that have a little higher payout odds compared to bingo, which means a hike in your pocket money.

Playing online bingo is fun, entertaining as well as rewarding which is why it is the best way to fill your pockets without any bickering and all of it in your free time.

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