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Family Time Is Important: Give Yours Memories to Share with Their Own Families Later

13th Oct 2017

Did you go on family vacations as a kid? If you were so lucky, you might have some fond memories, and maybe you even returned as an adult with your own family. If you didn’t get to experience any of the above, now’s your chance to provide that for your own children.

Plan the perfect family vacation, and you may get to watch it become a tradition. Who knows? Maybe one day, much later, you’ll return to enjoy the same spot with your grandchildren.

What to Do?

To create lasting memories, select a destination that your family might enjoy for generations. Might that be an annual family camping trip? Start by researching the best camping sites for families.

What’s the difference? Some camping areas have more amenities and nearby attractions people of all ages enjoy. If your bunch is super outdoorsy, choose a place with biking trails, canoeing, and guided nature tours. If they love camping only as much as other activities, choose a spot near amusement parks, museums, and other attractions they like.

Where to Go?

Maybe your family is a bit more leisurely – hotels, restaurants, movies, spas – and doesn’t like sleeping outside. Take them to a place where there’s a lot to see, such as Disneyworld, or a major city. This way, you won’t get burned out in one trip, as there’s so much to cover.

Booking such a trip will also be easier once you have an idea of what kind of experience everyone would like. There are hotels like Marriott Courtyard everywhere, and services like Lyft make hotel-to-attraction transport easier than ever.

Then, of course, there’s the beach. Hitting the sand when school gets out is something kids look forward to all year long. Many families visit the same beach every summer, and come to regard it as “their” beach.

If your family doesn’t have their “own” beach yet, choose one that’s considered family friendly. Such areas may have calmer waters, boardwalks with rides and games, or annual festivals and concerts you won’t want to miss each year.

Other Considerations

If you’re looking to build a tradition, think twice about splashy, overseas trips. Traveling abroad may be more difficult and expensive to do regularly as time wears on and your family changes or grows.

Also, never be afraid to start over. If you don’t have a good experience on one trip, all that means is that you definitely know what kind of vacation won’t work for your crew.

Start close to home. If your family generally doesn’t travel a lot, or lives on a strict budget, you may be surprised when you start digging deeper into what’s available within a 200-mile radius. Having to make a shorter car trip means that you can consider going multiple times per year, such as during holidays.

With a good amount of planning, you can create a bonding experience your family won’t ever forget. In a fast-paced and changing world, make the time to break away and reconnect – it’ll help keep you and your loved ones close for generations to come.



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