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Family Road Trip Tips For A Safe Journey

3rd Sep 2019

When you get the family out of the house, there’s always an adventure to explore.  Some childhood adventures are much less entertaining than others, but there’s never a dull moment with kids.  

Taking a family road trip is a great way to get the whole family together for some quality fun.  Millions of people take a vacation every year, which is why safety is paramount when you’re out on the roads. 

A safe road trip consists of more than just driving within the boundaries of the law.  Take a look at a quick overview of some of the most effective safety tips for your next family road trip, and enjoy a carefree vacation this year.  

Check over the vehicle before you leave

Before you go on a road trip, it’s important to know that your vehicle is in good condition.  There are several different aspects of your vehicle that need your attention, and here are just a few of the most vital elements to investigate before you head out on the open road. 

  • Check the tread on your tires. 
  • Check the various fluids in your vehicle. 
  • Check the windshield wipers. 
  • Check the quality of your brakes.  
  • Consider getting a tune-up.

Keep the driver focused on the road

While you’re in the midst of your road trip, it’s important that the designated driver isn’t distracted by others in the vehicle.  Make a point to pack plenty of entertainment for the kids, so your driver doesn’t have to contend with the yelling and griping more often than is normal.  

Distracted drivers cause vehicle collisions, and being involved in a car accident isn’t the way you want to play out your next road trip.  Lay down the law when it comes to the driver.  

Make sure your children are properly restrained at all times while the vehicle is in motion.  Bring movies, games, and music to keep them occupied when they’re bored. Let each child bring their favorite blanket or stuffed animal for comfort as well.  

Understand how to drive with truckers

Driving alongside 18-wheelers on the interstate is a big fear for hundreds of drivers.  It helps your comfort level to know a bit about how truckers drive. For example, if an 18-wheeler is switching lanes, their front tire will cross the line before anything else.  

Also, the flashing of headlights is a means of communication for truckers.  When a trucker flashes their lights, it is to say that it is safe to change lanes.  The flashing may also be meant to say thanks.  

Research your route before you leave 

It helps to take a look at your route before you leave for your exciting road trip.  You may already know the way to where you are going, but taking a peek at the route on Google Maps will give you a current look at the state of the roadways. 

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