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Exotic Pets You’re Actually Allowed to Own in the UK

7th Jun 2017

Taking them with you on holiday will definitely add to what is already the chore of organising any trip really, but there is an upside to travelling with exotic pets. For one, you’ll be sure to get extra special attention since the travel staff would most likely be alerted to a traveller travelling with an exotic pet. Taking some of these on an airplane probably won’t work out logistically, so check out iKnow UK for great pet friendly UK holidays. Here are some of these exotic pets which are actually legal to own in the UK:

Pygmy Goat

If you’ve ever visited a farm and your heart sank at the prospect of a cute little lamb being destined for the abattoir one day, you can get the domestic equivalent in the form of a pygmy goat. These cute little family-friendly pets need quite a bit of land to run around on though, so bear that in mind when you make plans to take yours away on holiday as well.


This is perhaps the ultimate anti-social person’s pet because it really isn’t even your friend regardless of the fact that you feed it every day. Your regular human friends will probably also stay away from you, but hey, each to their own!

exotic pets for pet friendly holidays


If the various fish varieties the entire ocean has on offer still don’t quite make the grade by way of livening up your fish tank, how about an octopus? They’re definitely a lot more interesting to watch than goldfish and will surely make a great focal point for any guest you might have over.


Axo-what? Well yes — if you’ve ever wanted to own a Pokémon as a pet, this is about as close as you can get to it! Along with the otherworldly maintenance that comes with owning your own pet Pokémon – err, your own pet axolotl, be prepared for the inevitable questions of “Now what on earth is this thing?”

exotic pets for pet friendly holiday

Micro Pig

Yes, this is actually a thing and not just something you saw once on the telly! They won’t cost you an arm-and-a-leg to keep as they can thrive on leftovers, but keep in mind that micro pigs, as cute as they are, do indeed grow into their big fully-grown selves over the years.

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Cuteness all the way — it’s no wonder why the African pygmy hedgehog is becoming a really popular hit in the UK. It’s a simple task looking after one of these cute babies and it’ll probably surprise you with all the personality it has in that tiny, petite little body.

exotic pets for pet friendly holidays

Giant African Land Snail

When it comes to the slimy snail trails we often find in our healthy gardens, it’s either you’re down with the slime or you’re not. If you are then the giant African land snail makes for a nice, low-maintenance exotic pet which brings its entire house of unique charm. Be prepared for more WTF looks though.

Now taking your exotic pets on holiday with you is perhaps somewhat of a must because of their special care needs, but that comes with a whole new set of challenges.

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