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Epoxy and Other Ways to Protect Your Home

21st Jun 2021

To protect our home there are lots of things that we can do, from protecting its surfaces to protecting it from the elements and making it more secure. One of the ways, for instance, that we can protect our flooring would be to consider a floor coating on top of the floor that we have laid. You might have heard about epoxy floor coatings in fort collins. These provide an effective solution when looking to protect, for example, the concrete floor of a garage.

So, let us consider the ways that we can protect our home in lots of ways.

Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings provide excellent protection when it comes to flooring. They can be applied on top of an existing surface to then protect that surface from damage and for longer. By opting for one you are investing in your floor. It will last and look good for longer. Epoxy is decorative in the glossy look it provides. An elegant aesthetic can be achieved with a range of different colours. Then, apart from how it looks, you are having all that protection from heavy traffic across the floor, chemicals that might be spilt, and resistance from anything hot that might come into contact with the floor’s surface.

Epoxy floor coatings can be used on garage and kitchen floors and any floor where extra protection is required from people or potential accidents occurring. Accidents have the potential to damage flooring and result in a costly replacement being required. Epoxy provides a wonderful solution in every situation where it is chosen.


Many of us do not give enough consideration to our roof. We spend money getting it fixed when perhaps it is a replacement roof we should be considering to protect ourselves and our contents from the elements.

A pitched roof will be more effective than a flat roof when it comes to dispersing rainwater and snow. You will not want it to collect on a roof for long or it will start to do damage to the roof and leak in. Not only does a greater slope of roof look nicer, but it is also more protective from such weather damage.

In terms of roofing materials, slate of the natural variety will last the longest but composite asphalt shingles will be the cheapest to buy and fit. Slate has a longevity of 80 to 100 years, whereas the asphalt shingles will have a lifespan of between 15 and 50 years. It does depend on what the weather is like in your area and how well maintained the roof is by its owner.

Like floors, some roofs require more maintenance. Flat roofs have the advantage over pitched roofs of being easier to maintain, just like epoxy require little maintenance because they are wipe-clean surfaces. These are factors we should consider.

It should be noted that all roofs will protect if well maintained, it just depends on how long for.


Composite is the material that is chosen to have the highest degree of security when it comes to front doors. Those made from single materials such as timber or UPVC (Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride) have benefits but composite doors boast using several materials including wood, glass-reinforced plastic, aluminium, and insulating foam.

So, what is the best type of lock to protect us from intruders? The most secure types of locks these days are likely to be biometric locks that only allow someone to enter that has the recognised fingerprints. This is because it requires their presence to unlock the door. Keypads are only as secure as someone keeping the number safe. Insurance policies can be an indicator of the type of lock to buy if going for a traditional lock because they will often offer lower premiums where more secure grades of locks are used.

So, a few things to consider here when thinking about protecting our home. An epoxy floor coating will extend the use of a floor by protecting it, a pitched roof will stop rainwater from causing so much damage to a property, and security of a property can be improved by having your door made from the right material and having a lock fitted where entry is personalised to those who live in the house.

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