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Effective DIY Foot-Treatments to Relieve Stress & Tension

17th May 2016

If you’re suffering from any severe foot conditions such as bunions, foot-fungi, in-grown toenails, dislocated toes or any condition related to diabetes, such as swelling, gout, etc., you should seek professional medical help. Otherwise this post is about some do-it-yourself foot remedies to treat and cure minor foot health issues which aren’t serious enough to require professional medical treatment, but are enough of a nuisance to require personal intervention.


Change Your Shoes

It’s already enough of a load on our feet having to in a sense offer support to our whole bodies, so an extra stress load on your feet created by the type of shoes you wear can cause long term problems. If you must wear heels for example, perhaps a few pairs of Jones Bootmakers will serve as an equally good choice, style-wise, and an even better choice comfort-wise. The many different designs offer a wide variety of even some “heely” shoes that are much kinder to your precious feet. If you do indeed come home every day and the first thing you want to do is throw off your shoes, a change in shoes is in order, making for a less-subtle but long-term foot-treatment to get rid of the stress and tension that could otherwise become unbearable.

Homemade Footbath

A footbath at the day-spa is undoubtedly a very enjoyable, relaxing and healing experience which could quite effectively rid your feet of unnecessary stress and tension, but what a footbath at the day-spa also is, is likely expensive and impractical because you’ll probably have to walk (even if just a little bit) back home right after the treatment. The next best thing, or perhaps even better, is a homemade footbath. A couple of common household items will do the trick just as well as the “secret” ingredients used at the day-spa and some of the most effective of these will shock you. One of these common household items is Listerine. Yes, mint-flavoured mouthwash is especially great for not only rejuvenating your feet, but also in effectively removing access skin and dead skin cells, which most commonly form around the heels, the balls of your feet and on the edges of your toes. If you want the two-in-one action of foot rejuvenation/relaxation and removing excess skin cells, bath-warm water will do with some mouthwash in a tub to soak your feet in. You’ll probably particularly enjoy the refreshing manner in which even the slightest of breezes hits your feet when you lift them out of the footbath, which in itself is very invigorating. Oddly enough, a minty anti-dandruff shampoo can have the exact same effect as mouthwash, particularly if it’s some invigoration you’re after.

Golf-Ball Foot Massage

Rolling each of your feet over a golf ball while in the seated position makes for a great in-home foot massage that’ll get your blood flowing more freely and help reduce built-up tension in your feet as well as your legs. Some of the tough skin under your feet may appear to swell a bit as a result of this golf-ball foot-massage, but this is only a sign of some loosening-up of otherwise very tight blood vessels in the feet. Golf-ball foot massages can get addictive though, so be sure to keep a pair of golf balls within site for whenever the urge hits. Who’ll know if you’re quickly having a foot-massage under your office desk?

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