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Does The Weather Affect Different Gate Materials?

11th May 2021

If your entrance gates have seen better days and you are considering replacing them, there is a lot to consider. There are numerous materials that are suitable for residential gating and they can be combined to create a unique design, while many homeowners are concerned about how the harsh climate will affect their residential gates. In this article, we will review these materials with some info on how durable the materials are in the face of the unpredictable climate.


One of the toughest metals, a set of steel gates would be primed and painted in your chosen colour and while steel is very durable, it can oxidise and therefore needs to be repainted every couple of years. One very popular option is stainless-steel, which offers a classic shine that requires no maintenance and it is very easy to keep clean.

Wrought Iron

Rust is the main enemy of wrought iron, yet it does possess an elegance that makes it a very popular choice for gating, especially on rural properties, where it is perfectly suited to blend with seasoned timber and the greenery of a natural backdrop. Use of a zinc-based primer is crucial with wrought iron and by commissioning the leading gate manufacturer in your area, you can be sure that the wrought iron would be well-treated to stand the diverse climate you have. This does collect dirt, dust and grime, so a wipe with a warm wet cloth will remove that thin film of grime that builds up, especially in urban areas.


A lot depends on the species and the treatments received upon installation; oak and other hardwoods are commonly used and with staining and varnishing every few years, timber gates will not lose that appeal. If you approach a custom gate supplier, they would have many fine images of previous projects. Design options are unlimited and you can create a major feature of the property, plus there’s a wide range of premium timbers to choose from. All timber species must be seasoned and treated in order to stand up to the climate and some are more durable than others. Talk to the custom gate supplier and they can advise you accordingly.


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Lightweight and very strong, aluminium is a favourite for modern-looking properties and the design options are indeed many, while you have no rust issues with alloy, making for a slick and clean design that is strong and very durable. Some homeowners choose aluminium purely for its non-corrosive properties, which really is a fit and forget situation, ideal for the busy family who have better things to do than treating the gates every year. You can go to your reputable local gate supplier to ask about premier custom-made aluminium residential electric driveway gates and have one installed for you.

To conclude, all of the above materials are fine for gating and by approaching the leading custom gate company, you can browse the many designs and receive advice from the professionals, who will install the finished product. Of course, in this day and age, electric automated solutions are the only way to go, plus there is a range of accessories, all at affordable prices.

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