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Divorce Is Not the End: Dealing With Family Breakups

2nd May 2016

Family breakups can be very dramatic, but they don’t necessarily have to be dramatic in the sense of bad, tragic, disruptive, or damaging. By using a few different resources that we have today in terms of technology and social support, it’s possible that even families going through divorce can come out better people who have just made certain life decisions.


So, if you or someone you know is going through some type of separation, consider getting situated legally, reading about child well being, taking care of social media details, getting counseling if needed, and learning the stages of grief and separation in order to deal with them.

Get Yourself Situated Legally

Even if everything is amicable (and especially if it’s not!) you should contact a family law office sooner rather than later in the divorce process. Lawyers are important when it comes to splitting finances, understanding taxes, dealing with bank accounts and home loans, and all of those other details. They can be extremely difficult to figure out on your own, so it’s well worth it to have a lawyer on hand at least to explain to you the legal ramifications of separation. Your lawyer can also help you prepare a quitclaim deed when you decided to remove one on a real-estate property or agreed to transfer it to another family member, and explain to you important matters about your child custody.  

Read About Child Well Being

Not too long ago, it was promoted that parents who divorced were doing a disservice to their children. But as longer-term research has shown, that’s not always the case. Children are statistically happier with a broken family than they are with a family that stays together unhappily, so it’s definitely worth considering looking over the literature, as children aren’t totally able to express themselves the way long-term statistics can show you.

Take Care of Social Media

With divorce, there are a number of modern social media details to handle as well. When you change your Facebook relationship status, there are sometimes automatic indicators to your social group that you may want to avoid. There’s also the matter of the memory reminders that FB brings up, and you also are going to want to change privacy setting if you plan on getting into new relationships.

Get Counseling If Needed

Divorce is going to cause change in a lot of aspects of a lot of people’s lives, and sometimes an external party can help you untangle the psychology of the situation. There’s no stigma against getting help in times of extreme stress, and moving through stages of divorce is tough on everyone.

Learn the Stages of Grief

If you don’t know what the stages of grief are, it’s good to learn them before you head into your divorce. You will probably feel unexpected surges of emotion otherwise, and won’t know what’s real and what’s just part of the healing process.

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