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Dedicating to Some Passion Space

4th Mar 2021

Whilst we have been locked away for the better part of the ‘roaring twenties’ we have also been prone to put our passions on standby.

However, there are some people who adapt to the situation and work on plans to bring their passions into the home a little bit more. This has resulted in spare bedrooms, loft space, garages and exterior huts being turned into passion projects closer to home.

Here are a few examples of how you could use these spaces to fuel your passions and some guidance on what design tips could help to bring them to reality.

Studio Space

Are you or someone else in the home a budding artist? Maybe you have more than one talented individual in the family household that has suffered from not being able to hone their skills at music, filmmaking, art or other skills due to lockdown.

What about turning that extra space into a studio environment, giving all the opportunity to continue growing their skills and passion in the comfort of their own home. You could soundproof the room also, and if it is upstairs you could choose luxury wood effect vinyl flooring that provides great sound insulation so as not to disturb those downstairs. It also looks incredibly authentic and is easy to install yourself, perfect also if you are changing the space into a dance studio due to its cushion-like feel.

Workout Space

We all know how those gyms closing a huge pain and gain have been, mostly in weight.

If you are a fitness fanatic who misses the burn, then why not change the space into your own personal gym. Statistics state that over the lockdown and pandemic periods, workout and gym equipment sales went up which means many people now tend to have a home gym to compensate.

This is a great option to keep you motivated towards fitness goals by having it free and easily accessible to yourself. Vinyl flooring also can help to provide a highly durable floor for all those weights and strenuous workouts. Installing them yourself can be just as good a workout without straining your bank account too, as evidenced by lowest cost Amtico Signature flooring.

Family Movie Room

We all miss taking family trips to the cinema or music concerts and pine for them to return.

However, the absence can provide a great opportunity to create a space specifically where the family can gather to watch movies and events together, whilst also doubling as a great room for gaming and chilling together.

By putting your home entertainment system and a great sofa set in the room, you can enjoy the time together catching your favourite shows and movies in comfort. You can even add to the comfort with the cheapest Amtico flooring UK over underfloor heating to provide a well-insulated room capturing comfort and contemporary design perfectly.

There are many options to reinstate the losses in fun activities within the home by accentuating the space available. Start with what you wish for, add some design potential in colour, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring and comfort, and enjoy your passions without the world holding you up.

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