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Common Types of Lawyers You May Need During Your Lifetime

31st Oct 2018

Many people don’t have a high opinion of lawyers in general, but the truth is that most people will end up needing the help of a lawyer at some point during their lives. Whether you find yourself in traffic court, getting a divorce, modifying a child support order, planning out your will and estate, or dealing with a medical mistake, you will probably need the advice of an attorney.

What are the most common types of attorneys that people end up consulting during their lifetimes? Here are a few of the most common.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Out of all of the types of attorneys, personal injury lawyers probably suffer most from a poor portrayal in the media. However, this negative portrayal is largely unfounded. People cannot just file a personal injury claim without a good reason. In order to win a personal injury claim, you have to prove not only that your life has been negatively impacted by an injury, but that the other party clearly caused the injury by acting in a knowingly negligent manner. Personal injury lawyers help people file claims when they’ve been injured in hospitals, car accidents, workplaces, business establishments, and any other situation where they are injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Family Lawyer

Everyone knows that a large percentage of marriages will unfortunately end in divorce. Divorcing couples often have children, houses, and shared assets, and deciding on child custody and the dividing of assets can be a long and complicated process. As Leigh Daniel, a Huntsville AL family law & divorce attorney explains, even if the divorce is amicable, this process can still be difficult and long. A good lawyer can help people draw up fair divorce terms and child custody agreements that can keep people from long and difficult court battles. Family lawyers also handle adoptions as well.

Traffic Law Attorney

Many people will get a traffic ticket at some point during their lives. Most people decide to just pay their tickets, but if you feel that you’ve been ticketed unfairly, or if you’re worried about a consequence like losing your license, you can get the help of a traffic law attorney. As Harvey Morris, a Huntsville uninsured driver attorney explains, people often get a traffic attorney to help them negotiate their way out of a harsh consequence, such as losing their license. They may arrange for a client to take a driving safety class as an alternative, for example.

Estate Planning Attorney

Everyone should have a written will. This becomes especially important if you have children or a large estate that will be left after you pass. As David Teddy, an estate planning lawyer in NC explains, many legal problems are caused because people fail to create a will or a detailed enough will. Estate planning attorneys help people draft up airtight wills and estate plans, which ensures that your children and assets are dealt with according to your wishes if you unexpectedly pass away. A good estate lawyer can help you identify any potential issues or loopholes in your estate plan in advance, so that your family is not left dealing with legal issues after you pass.

These are just a few of the types of attorneys that you may find yourself needing to consult at some point in your life. Remember, if you ever find yourself over your head with a legal matter, it is smart to at least consult a legal expert. Many lawyers will even offer free consultations to see if you actually need their services.


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