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Coffee-Lover Essentials

10th Sep 2016

For those of us whose love for coffee goes beyond enjoying the occasional cup, it really doesn’t matter how many cups of coffee you have per day, including that morning cup you have on the run to give your mind a bit of a jolt into action. It really doesn’t matter how many cups you’ve already had in the last few hours — the next one just always has to be perfect, regardless of whether it’s a cup of instant coffee, a cup you’re grabbing at a popular coffee hotspot like Dollop Coffee, or a cup which you’re brewing as a symbol of having a little bit of time on your hands to perhaps sit down and savour it.


If you’re still a budding coffee connoisseur however, your fledgling relationship with your new caffeinated best-friend is likely a very erratic one, often leaving you wondering whether you do indeed love coffee or if you just love it at certain times of the day. If you can lay true claim to being a coffee connoisseur, there are some coffee-lover essentials you simply have to have in order to ensure that cup of coffee you prepare for yourself at home is always perfect. I mean why would you ever want to sell yourself short? Starbucks may perhaps be charging you (and everybody else) too much, along with every other place where you can buy a ready-made cup of coffee, but if you do indeed have some time to make your own cup of coffee, you’d want to make sure it was perfect, wouldn’t you?

Invest in a good coffeemaker / coffee machine

There’s just no way around this if you’re serious about your love for a good cup of coffee. Instant coffee simply won’t cut it if you’ve had the joy of experiencing the taste of a freshly-brewed coffee blend hit your palate. Instant coffee just never measures up, even if it’s produced by the same producers of the filter coffee you may already enjoy.

Not all coffeemakers are made equal though. In fact, some are just purpose-built to have you keep going back to the same coffee producer to replace anything that’s run out, so avoid those coffee machines which bear the names of famous coffee houses. You’ll usually then otherwise have to buy their special coffee concentrates or tubs to fit in coffee machines that can only effectively brew coffee from those coffee producers.

There are plenty of good coffee machines in the market made to suit the way you like making your coffee. Before deciding on a machine, though, be sure to check out several of them and read what other coffee connoisseurs have to say about it. For example, you could start with this review of Keurig’s K575 coffee maker and then look at some others. You can make a list of things you like about each machine and then decide based on that.

Get special coffee cups

The fact that they’re “special” doesn’t have to mean they’re expensive at all. In fact, if you can say with any conviction that you’re a coffee-lover who’s perfected the art of engineering the perfect cup, you’ll only want to drink your own brew from here on, even in the morning. So get specialised paper coffee cups which are made for hot beverages, keeping your coffee securely stored while you make your daily morning dash and keeping it warmer for longer. In fact, you’ll find that these coffee cups which are otherwise available directly to the public are factored-in quite considerably to the costs of that coffee you buy from a coffee chain while you’re on the run.

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