Where should you position your home desk?

31st May 2018

From choosing the desk to choosing the right spot, there is a lot to consider We all work differently, and with more and more of us working from home it’s vital that we create a designated work area that suits […]

Home Management is a Fulltime Job

7th May 2018

I reckon it was a good thing that all learners had to endure the lessons of the Home Economics class back when I was still in school. I wonder if they still have that nowadays, but it was a great […]

5-tips to save when replacing windows

28th Apr 2018

Upgrading the windows in your home? If so, there are a few ways you can go about reducing the cost to do the work, and also ensure the desired outcome in the home. From increased resale value, to finding the […]

4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Home

5th Mar 2018

You might be quite comfortable with the condition of your home as it stands at present. But on the other hand, maybe you want to improve some things. Maybe you want to upgrade some aspect of the place where you […]

How to Bring More Light into Your Home

11th Dec 2017

Latest surveys show that one of the most important elements homeowners look for in their new homes is lots of natural light. This feature tops all requests list, coming before a large garden and open-plan kitchen/dining room.