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Cat or Dog?

29th Dec 2016

According to studies, your choice of pet reveals a lot about your personality. Outgoing people seem to prefer dogs, while introverts tend to choose cats for their companions. Cats and dogs have different characteristics that appeal to different people. If you’re wondering which of our four-legged friends should be your pet, take a look at these typical traits of dog and cat owners.


Extroverts vs. Introverts

A great deal of research about cat and dog people showed that those who are enthusiastic and sociable like dogs more. If you’re easy-going, open, and dynamic, you’re more likely to have a dog. This isn’t too difficult to grasp, as dogs possess similar qualities. They’re loyal and loving friends that appreciate human company. They’re also playful and full of energy most of the time, much like their typical owners. Introverts, on the other hand, tend to opt for cats as their pets. Cats aren’t very sociable and may even hide when new people pay you a visit. They won’t provide you with many opportunities for socializing and this may be the reason why people who are more drawn to themselves and prefer quiet evenings tend to own cats.

Logical vs. Artistic

Studies also showed that dog owners have strong organizational skills and are good in planning. They keep to their schedule and regularly perform their duties. On the other hand, cat owners tend to belong to the artistic type. They are naturally curious and innovative, and like to express their creativity in every possible way. They like to think outside the box and avoid traditional ways of doing things.

Trusting vs. Anxious

Dog people seem to be optimistic and light-hearted. They’re trusting, kind, and compassionate, and these traits can also be seen in their furry friends. As we all know, dogs are man’s best friends and they like to prove it. They can be devoted and extremely protective of their owners. It’s a relationship of trust that goes both ways. Cat people, according to research, can often be anxious types prone to excessive worrying. They tend to exert more neurotic behavior than dog people, and they can easily succumb to stress. For these reasons, cat is the best pet choice for people who are often stressed out. Studies have concluded that the purring of a cat has a soothing effect on people and that it can significantly reduce their stress levels.

Dogs – things to consider

Dogs are tireless companions who are always ready to play or engage in some sort of physical activity. They are great for people who like to be in motion, whether it’s exercising or regular walks. They can also be demanding and high-maintenance sometimes. To keep your dog happy, you can provide them with all sorts of pet supplies to ensure them a quality life.

Cats – things to consider

Owning a cat definitely requires less effort as they can pretty much take care of themselves. However, they still need your love. Don’t forget to spend some time playing with them and showing your affection. After all, they’re so cozy and cuddly for a reason.

If you’ve recognized yourself among these traits, head out to get your perfect pet. Whether it’s a cat or dog, treat them with care.

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