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Cabin Houses and Other Ideas for Smaller Homes

17th Jun 2021

When we think of plans for building a first home, we first tend to think of how we can make them more pleasing to look at. Often, we do not consider, or at least enough, how our decisions to please the eye will impact the space we make ourselves. The fact is, we can still have a tiny home and save on the space we have to move around in. For instance, whether we have something mounted on the wall or free-standing will make the difference between saving space and taking it up. Small homes have lots of advantages. They are cheaper to heat and take less time to clean.

For a second home or a holiday home, smaller homes provide an ideal solution. They are affordable to build because they are not the size of our main home. It is worth contacting a professional for cabin plans, as these will allow you to build that small home to a pleasing specification but space-saving design.

So, in this article, we shall explore the types of small homes that we can plan to build or stay in.

Cabin Houses

Cabin houses can be defined as homes that are small to look at structurally from the outside. They will be homes that are recreational and considered ideal for second residences. This can be for a weekend away or a longer-stay vacation. They are a place that we can still call home, albeit a second home. We will make our second house into a home by adding furnishings that please us. We can save on space where we need to by using wall and ceiling space for lighting, for example. We can double-up our furniture for several purposes. Beds can fold out from the wall or be a sofa that turns into a bed.

To return to the design of these cabin houses, they will look rustic to blend in with the environment and be useful retreats for those looking to hunt or fish. They can be situated by lakes and have mountain views. Professional architects can design them to fit the purpose for which you intend to use them. They are a great place to enjoy and be at one with nature.

To give you an idea of size, they generally offer around 1,200 square feet or less of living space. This will not include a garage, but then, your car will not be outside for any length of time if you are just staying there on location.

Tiny Houses

You can go smaller than the cabin house and come down to just between 100 and 400 square feet. This will then be described as a tiny house. They are generally the cheapest house that you will build. You still need a good plan to build them but space can be worked out to your specifications and the houses laid out in a way that makes effective use of dimensions.

All you need to get started on these tiny houses are the plans.  Like the cabin houses, a professional should be involved so that it is all thought out to a high standard. You cannot hope to achieve a good result without some kind of plan and everything having been considered that is likely to affect the house as a living space. It is particularly important with tiny houses where space needs to be carefully worked out to fit in with family needs. If you get on well as a family, there is no harm in living in a tiny space together. It could be considered as a way of forming a stronger bond between you all.


In terms of holiday homes, there is, of course, the caravan to consider. This can be mobile or static. Many people prefer somewhere static, a retreat in situ, that they can visit at weekends and for longer vacations. They will not want to go to the bother of hitching up a caravan and have their vehicle struggle to pull it up a mountainside. Instead, everything can be ready inside their already furnished cabin or tiny house. A caravan is considered less of a permanent fixture in any sense.

In summary, you can have someone draw up plans to build a cabin house or a tiny house in preference to towing or just visiting a less permanent caravan. These small houses can be situated at idyllic locations. They might be smaller houses but small is cost-effective and so desirable for a holiday home.

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