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Buying Guide for Purchasing the Perfect RC Toy for Your Children

19th Sep 2017

I think you’ll agree with me when I say our children don’t know how it is to play outside! They are extremely smart, but most of their time is occupied by devices. Be it a laptop, a gaming console, or simply a phone or tablet, they spend most of their days glued to a screen.

But I found the perfect solution to get my kids to play outside: RC competitions! By allowing them to play with modern toys, I managed to somehow recreate the atmosphere of their favorite video games in the real world. So, whether your kid likes cars, planes, or boats, you have the wonderful opportunity of getting them outdoors to play!

Still, things are not as easy as going to the store and asking for an RC toy. There are so many designs and producers on the market that you might feel lost at some point. So, in the interest of helping worried parents everywhere, below you can read the buying guide for RC toys I put together.

Find the Niche Your Kid Likes

A quick glance at RC rank and I was able to confirmed my suspicion: most parents tend to buy cars. Still, the RC world is so diverse that you may want to sit down with your kid and find out what he or she likes.

For now, you can choose from three main categories:

  • RC toys that fly (helicopters, planes, or drones)
  • RC Cars
  • RC boats

If you know your children spend most of their time playing video games, browse through their favorite choices and learn what they like.

Consider your budget

Some RC toys out there are pretty expensive because they pack the latest technologies. Still, these are usually aimed at adults and people who participate in professional competitions. If you’re shopping just for entertainment time, aim somewhere in the middle (not too expensive, but not low-tech either).

There are many good choices out there; you just have to know how much you want to spend.

Speed & Power

Any RC niche has toys that fit a certain range of speed and power. We have lots of fast helicopters, off-road RC trucks that look amazing, and lightning speed boats that can be driven on a lake. Still, you have to think about your child’s safety first so, if you’re shopping for a small kid (under 8), I recommend something with less power.

Battery Life

This is an important aspect of the RC experience you want to offer your kid. If you want them to spend as much time outside playing with their toy, I recommend looking for products that support a run time of 20+ minutes. They may be a bit more expensive, but it is worth it!

I would also get a few spare batteries and a smart charger (if one is not provided by the producer). This way you prolong the run time of the toy and the time kids spend having fun with something else besides their phones.


RC toys are controlled remotely using radio waves. Now, each toy is capable of receiving the signal from the controller in a certain range which is shorter or longer. In my opinion, a longer range is always better because it allows kids to play in a larger space. Still, if you take the toy for inside, the range is not that important.

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