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Buying a house: Getting it right.

4th Nov 2016

Your home is your castle so they say, so finding the perfect abode for you are your family is very important. Our homes are the place we spend a great deal of our time along with our families. Homes are a reflection on us as individuals. A place to personalise with our own taste through d├ęcor and furnishings.


When buying a house, you should not rush any decisions, make sure you take your time looking around potential houses and try not to focus on just one feature of the house but rather try to visualise yourself living in that house. A great deal of houses for sale are prepped for viewings there for will not have a realistic amount of stuff that a family will own. The space you are viewing may seem big and spacious but will it still be as big with all your items and family in there?

It is important to view each room carefully underlying problems may be hidden for a quick sale. Don’t be afraid to examine each room with a critical eye. Look at every little detail, even down to door handles and bathroom taps. Remember this may be the house you and your family will settle for many years and you want to get it right.

According to UK property buying experts “Many sellers prep their homes so potential buyers are guided to focus on feature aspects such as a new kitchen/bathroom. However potential buyers are taken away from potential problems such as damp, roof repair, structural problems, and other underlying issues. This is why contractors, akin to Secured Roofing & Restoration, will need to be contacted to make the proper repairs.”

One way to look at it is when you go in a clothes shop and try an item on you generally don’t buy it if it’s not the right size, colour or doesn’t suit you. Try and think the same with a house is it you? Can you see yourself living there? Getting it wrong is a costly mistake and a very stressful one if you have to move again.

Don’t be afraid to have a second or third viewing on a home you like, even try viewing the house at different times/days. This will give you a different perspective on lighting and what the neighbourhood is like.

Many people wishing to sell are looking for a quick house sale and will do anything to achieve this so be wise and scope out the property well and only when you are 100% sure it’s right for you put in that all-important offer.

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