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Bedroom makeovers on a budget

25th Jan 2015

Now that we’re already deep into the New Year, many of us will be turning our eyes to our bedrooms with the thought of giving them a makeover.

There’s something about the gradually brightening days and slowly warming weather that really makes us want to celebrate our homes and give everything a spruce-up!

This can be an increasingly costly business, but with a bit of shopping around you can find some great bargains out there and still end up with a chic and stylish bedroom to be proud of! Here are a few pointers.

Soft furnishings


One of the quickest and cheapest ways to instantly change the feel of a bedroom is to update your choice of soft furnishings.

Dunelm Mill has some great offers on at the moment with some luxurious cushions and throws that can add a sense of softness and warmth on these cold and chilly days.

When choosing soft furnishings, it’s important to think how they will all tie together, so I find that I usually choose my bed’s fabrics first and then work outwards from there.

A new bed?

And speaking of beds, the New Year is a great time to take stock of your bed situation and decide whether your long-suffering bed will make it through another year!

The months of January and February are where furniture retailers traditionally have some of their best offers, and many manufacturers will also see this as a key time where many households decide to update their bedroom furniture.

Colour schemes


Another cost-effective way to give your bedroom a new look is through a lick of paint. This year is reportedly going to be big on cool and natural tones such as soft blues and greens which will give your interiors a relaxed and subdued, yet classy flavour.

The ever-chic Designer’s Guild have a great selection of such colours. And what’s best is that they are currently offering up to 60% off online orders, so now’s definitely a good time to splash out on a new colour for the new year!

And it doesn’t just have to be paint – why not add a feature wall with some peel and stick wallpaper?! There are so many patterns and designs available to choose from, and it can really jazz up an otherwise plain-looking wall.


Although the bedroom is primarily the place where we go to sleep, it should also be our own special haven where we get to reflect and recover.

And there are a number of quick and easy ways to make your bedroom a place of harmony through some small but magical accessories.

Maybe getting a vintage shabby-chic photo frame of your loved ones might brighten up a dark corner? Or even on these dark winter nights you could indulge yourself in some deluxe candles like the ones currently on offer from Yankee Candle? Guaranteed to add warmth and harmony to just about any bedroom!

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