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Baby Dreamland: How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

14th Oct 2017

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful feelings in the universe. To know that you are able to create and carry another human life and to feel him/her kick, twist, and turn is an unexplainable high. Hearing the heartbeat of your sweet angel is one of the most soothing sounds on the planet.

Wanting to make sure that your child’s first environment is a virtual dreamland is something that shouldn’t be a second thought and isn’t for most parents to be. So, how can you create a happy, healthy world for your child before they even get here? Read on.

Pre-emptive Strike

Did you know there are some things you can do to build the perfect world for your baby before he/she is even conceived? If you and your husband are seriously trying to have a child, make sure to change your vitamin to a good prenatal vitamin.

A regular vitamin will only take care of your needs. A prenatal vitamin will include the extra folic acid, iron, and calcium your child will need while growing. It should go without saying, if you are smoking, doing drugs, or enjoying alcohol, even occasionally, now would be the time to give these things up.

It will increase your health and thus that of your future child’s. Lastly, make time for a visit with your doctor. Get a handle on your current health and how you can make it better for baby.

Diet And Exercise

I don’t think there are two more evil words in the vocabulary of any woman, but they are necessary evils when considering the health of your unborn dreamer. If you haven’t done it already, stock that fridge with healthier choices. Make sure to include more fruits and veggies.

Healthy juices, bread, and milk. Feel free to include some more fish in your diet, as well, but leave the shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish at the store and be easy with the tuna. These fish have higher mercury levels that can cause neural tube defects.

Along with a healthier diet, exercise will keep your body in tune with the increasing demands of pregnancy. It will also help you sleep better. Good ways to accomplish this would be to swim, walk, take a yoga class, or partake in some low impact aerobics.

Chill Out

As wonderful as being pregnant is, it has its points of stress. Its physical demand grows every week and the mental suffers as sleep dwindles. It is important to take a time out and relax. Take a long warm bath. (while you still can) Assign household chores to other family members for the day. Don’t be afraid to ask for that back rub or take a short vacation before baby gets here.

Learning how and finding ways to relax is not only vital to you, but to your little dreamer, as well. Chronic stress has been known to cause early labor, low birth weights, and there is now evidence that it can affect the baby’s brain development, as well. So, chill out a little. It will go a long way to a healthy pregnancy.

No one ever said they wanted an unhealthy pregnancy. Follow these tips and you are ten times more likely to enjoy this most wonderful life event and your little one will have the dreamland you always wanted for him/her.

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