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Applying the Knowledge of the World

15th Nov 2018

Stay-at-home moms come in for some very harsh criticism, but rather surprisingly the bulk of that criticism actually comes from within. Sure, 2018 has a month and some change to go yet so it’s pretty much done and dusted and the fact that we can have a discussion about stay-at-home moms in this day and age says a lot about the impact of different parenting styles.

Stay-at-home moms definitely still have a place in this day and age, but often when they look over at their peers who are juggling parenthood and raising a family they cannot help but criticise themselves.

It’s a full-time job – trust me on that one and on more of a personal level, whenever I have to deal with other housewives who depict signs of feeling like they’re worthless, I always point out to them that they contribute a whole lot more to society than what they clearly think. Stay-at-home moms possess the knowledge of the world and we should actually be contributing a lot more to knowledge and information sharing platforms like the World Wide Web. I’ve personally sought to lead by example in doing so, with this very blog on which you’re reading this post.

How many times have your kids for example come to you after their father or any other adult in the house sent them to you following a suggestion to “Go ask your mother?” There are so many things which everybody else doesn’t have a single clue about the workings of and yet it all comes so naturally to those of us who can be referred to as stay-at-home moms or housewives. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that title at all!

It’s interesting to explicitly zone-in on some of the things which constitute the exclusive knowledge of the world contained in our minds and hearts and you just know it’s real when no amount of online reviews of a certain product or service can trump the practical advice you would give as a stay-at-home mom who has perhaps used those products or services for their family.

Their subsequent patronage of Rove Pest Control for example makes me happy having referred my neighbours and fellow stay-at-home moms to the company as this demonstrates just one of many ways through which the knowledge of the world can be shared and deployed in a meaningful way.

The jury is still out though on whether or not the effects of the dynamic nature of the modern times come with more positives than negatives and for all that the modern day woman enjoys, I reckon we could still maintain some of the values of times gone by in continuously applying the knowledge of the world. I mean why would I act all secretive about a pest control solution that actually works if doing so would mean that my neighbour’s pest problem could very well spread back over into my own space and become my problem too?

Unfortunately we seem to be getting conditioned to think as individuals and to think for the individual, when really there is so much more to gain out of sharing the knowledge of the world we collectively have.

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