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Adding Character to Each of Your Interior Spaces

4th Oct 2017

One of the biggest challenges interior designers face is that of trying to find the right balance between an overall theme and style for the overall interior of a certain building (i.e. a home), as well as trying express some individual character through some specific styling for each of the rooms in that overall interior space. If the pros see it as a challenge, albeit a challenge they relish, then you can bet your bottom penny the DIY interior designer will run into the same issue when naturally trying to put their exact DNA on the interior space they’ll be spending their whole life in.

How does one manage to add character to each interior space though, all while trying to maintain a general theme which can be attributed to the overall interior design?

Well, there is one main secret to it and it resides in your choice of the use of colour, perhaps accentuated by the actual styling of items like your upholstery, the curtains etc, but there’s a whole lot you can achieve with your choice in colours. Naturally this would suggest that we’re talking about the choice in colours for your wall paint, but this also includes the general colours of the likes of your appliances, etc, even though as mentioned, these are just to add in the accents to top off the styling.

The 3-colour trick

In the professional design world there is what is referred to as the three base-colour trick, which is something you see permeating every single branch of design, be it a website, something like a motorcar and yes, professionally-done interior spaces. I’ll use a living example which is very close to my own heart, that being my very blog on which you’re reading this post.

Take a closer look at the design, paying special attention to the colours used and you’ll notice that basically there are just three colours used throughout the blog to make up what is its theme. These are the three base colours and that is the secret to maintaining an overall theme throughout even something like an interior space. It’s the secret to maintaining an overall theme in all areas of design.

Choose three “base” colours – not by way of the technical term, but just three colours on which you’re going to base your overall theme design. White simply has to be one of these colours, but it doesn’t have to be the purest white you can find. Paint supply and interior design specialists Janovic have a fine selection of high-quality, different coloured paints, with what is perhaps the widest selection of whites you’ll find in wall colour paint, some of which can even be mixed to formulate a unique colour which will be synonymous only with your interior space.

You can also use a very light grey or silver as well in place of white, but otherwise the other two colours you choose will have to complement each other along with the white, with the individual character added to each separate interior space through the use of different shades of the three base colours chosen.

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