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A Few Personal Options For Having Your Family Commute Around Town

10th Jul 2018

Especially if you have a large family, it may be challenging to get everyone where they need to go around town. Scheduling who needs to drive the car when and how much time it takes to get places – these details can all end up with a very messy calendar. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to have different options other than driving a vehicle when it comes to having family members get around town.

There are several smaller and more convenient options than having to drive. Family members can bike to their destinations on their most comfortable bike. Electric unicycles are another form of transportation. Skateboards, both powered and manual, can get people where they’re going. And there’s always the option of running or walking.


Probably the most common way to commute around town, especially if you’re in an urban or suburban community, is to bike. Bicycles aren’t expensive, it’s good for your health to ride them, they don’t contribute to environmental pollution, and in some cases, it is even trendy to ride them around town, particularly a cruiser bicycle. They have a range of many miles, so if you can get your family members to bike to their offense, that’s a benefit to everyone.

Electric Unicycles

A more modern option for commuting around town might be to get your family members an electric unicycle. You probably haven’t seen a lot of these around yet, because they haven’t caught on terms popularity. But regarding functionality, ease of use, and price point, there are tough to beat. Sometimes the weather might get in the way, and you have to have a plan in advance for how to park them or carry them around once you get to your destination, but presenting your family members with this option will at least give them more choices in the matter.


You’re probably not going to get your aging grandmother on one, but if you have kids, consider that skateboards are a good way for them to get around town. There is freedom to riding a skateboard, and if you buy an electric skateboard, you won’t have as many problems with hills, braking,  or getting tired. Electric skateboards are very common in big cities now, but they’re catching on all over the world in smaller communities as well.

Running and Walking

Depending on your area, sometimes the best options for commuting are going to be running and walking. Some family member they complain about the extra work and the extra time to do these things, but if health is a priority and a vehicle is not available, and your destination is within a few miles, then there aren’t any downsides to pushing using your feet as an option to get around.

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