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A Fast Solution to the Frustration of Being Locked Out

29th Feb 2016

There’s nothing worse than being locked out and having to wait for help to arrive.  The frustration and embarrassment of not having access to your buildings, documents, or materials is a terrible burden to bear.  In some cases it can be even more critical, as there may be an emergency situation where you need to access whatever is on the other side of a lock urgently to prevent a total disaster.

Junge Frau denkt an Schlssel

Luckily you can rely on Fast Keys to resolve the situation for you as rapidly as possible.  This service, which is based in Essex, is one of the most trusted and respected lock and key providers in the UK.  They are able to provide speedy solutions because they have such a vast inventory that they are never out of stock for any products, which means you don’t have to wait additional time to get help.

Fast Keys is able to help customers with all kinds of trouble they may face concerning lost keys or damaged locks.  Most lockable office furnishings in the UK are fitted with either Lowe & Fitch (sometimes identified as simply “L&F”) or Bisley locks.  This includes filing cabinets, lockers, desk drawers, and other lockable cabinets or trunks.  Of course Fast Keys stocks these popular brands, but they also supply all the other brands as well.

Some of the things that can cause a problem for your locks include:

  • Losing the keys
  • Being unable to identify the correct key
  • Using the wrong key in a lock and damaging either the lock or the key
  • Bending or otherwise damaging the key
  • Keys that are worn down from repeated use
  • Locks that are improperly lubricated and becoming stiff
  • Keys that have snapped off in the lock due to excessive application of torque
  • Locks that have been damaged due to unauthorised access attempts
  • Heavily corroded locks or keys

All of these problems can be solved, and Fast Keys claims to be able to solve them faster and more economically than competitors.  Judging by the excellent testimonials this company has already received, these claims are verified.

Of course it goes without saying that it’s even better for you if you never need to avail yourself of such services in the first place, so a few things you can do to decrease the risk include:

  • Be careful not to lose your keys!
  • Keep locks well maintained and properly lubricated
  • Insert keys gently and do not turn with excessive force
  • Never try to open a lock with anything other than the correct key
  • Ensure that the key is completely turned before attempting to open the door
  • Also ensure the door is completely locked before removing the key.

If you follow the above tips, you may never need to call for help with your locks and keys.  Should it happen, however, that despite your best efforts it is impossible to avoid encountering trouble, it is good to know there are services like Fast Keys you can depend on to help you.

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