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7 Health Trends You Should Follow in 2017

9th Jan 2017

It’s crucial to lead a healthy lifestyle to be happy from inside out. As 2017 has started, it’s the right time to make some changes in your inferior eating habits and lifestyle. We all crave for getting a toned physique, but are not ready to alter our food choices. Junk food and hard drinks tempt us all, but consuming them often is only going to deteriorate our body. Let’s take a resolution to stay fit this year, and take a look at these health trends that will help us in achievingour fitness goals.


  1. Seaweed

Composed of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, seaweed has so many health benefits to offer to its consumers. Your eyesight will be improved, immune system gets stronger and sensitive skin becomes healthier and cleaner. You can easily find it in different types of salads and snacks. So, now crunching on snacks with this healthy ingredient stuffed in won’t be a bad idea. With the availability of seaweed powder in supermarkets, you can make your dishes taste better than before. Just sprinkle it over your food, and be prepared to add more nutrition to it.

  1. Vegetable Chips

Several food products such as soups and snacks have stuffed vegetables inside. If you’re willing to try something new this year, you should not miss the delicious vegetable chips at all. So, now whenever you’re getting bored and craving to have something light, just open your favourite packet of vegetable chips, and enjoy them while watching your desired movie or show. The best part is that it’s just not limited to one or two vegetable flavours. Instead, you’ll find all of your favourite vegetables in crunchy chips’ version. Not sure from where to get these delicious yet healthy veggie chips? Order them today at Morrisons, the ultimate grocery shop, and enjoy huge savings on your purchase.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are surely going to make their own place in health trends’ list in this year. Their anti-inflammatory properties will do wonders for your immune system. You can either cook them as a veggie, or boil them and consume them as salad. Want to know more? You can use its powdered version in soups, smoothies and any of your after-gym diet. You can increase your memorizing power and lessen up your anxiety levels with these medicinal mushrooms. They are easily available in domestic markets and online stores. So, buy one for yourself and follow this amazingly healthy food item today!

  1. Fermented food

Do you frequently suffer from serious gut issues? If yes, then make fermented food items your best friends. Talking about the prices, they’ll always fall in your budget. No matter how many days before you cooked the fermented food item, it will taste fresh, healthy and delicious for a longer time. Fermented food demands less money, improves your digestive system, and acts as an amazing preservative.

  1. Meditation

I believe that there will be nobody who is unaware of the meditation’s magical benefits. It’s a practice that you should definitely spare some time for to relieve your stress muscles and sensory nerves. We need to meditate for establishing a perfect balance between our body and soul. You’ll find various meditation classes right on your mobile screens. All you need to do is to install the meditation app on your phone, and practice it anywhere. It won’t only dominate your mobile phones and online space, but also the offline world. And this year will embark the journey of lots of advantageous meditation programs and classes. So, all the people who were just delaying meditation, just because they are in love with their comfort zones, should initiate to be a part of such spiritual activity.

  1. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil, being rich in Vitamin E, is best for diabetics, and the people with huge glucose levels. It works effectively on skin, and boosts your immunity levels like anything. We’ve been fond of coconut oil and olive oil for many years, but this year 2017 is dedicated to avocado oil mainly. You want to use it as a salad dressing, go for it! You can use it in cooking, or baking, go ahead confidently! As it has many health benefits to deliver, be sure to make this fantastic oil a healthy part of your meals today.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric has been my personal favourite ingredient for years, and as per the experts, it is going to rule the health trends this year too. Considered as anti-depressant, and a great treatment for arthritis, turmeric has its own medicinal advantages to offer.

If you are more towards taking care of your health this year, you definitely need to give priority to these highly effective health trends. Take proper diets balanced with proteins, minerals, and other nutrients, and make it your daily regime to consume them efficaciously. So, drop the idea of junk, and focus on staying healthy with these health trends.

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