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5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Next Holiday Dinner Party

30th Dec 2015

Holiday dinner parties tend to be either hit or miss. When they hit, everyone has a good time, is engaged with other people at the party, is nutritionally satisfied, and leaves with a smile. Misses leave people hungry, angry, bored, or sleepy. So what are some ways that you can move your next holiday dinner party into the ‘hit’ category?

For five simple steps, consider the following five ways below, including buying an amazing tablecloth for a centerpiece, having games ready for when energy dips, trying for a theme for the food, going for casual rather than formal processes, and using interior decoration to get people into the vibe.

Buy an Amazing Tablecloth

The dinner table is going to be at the middle of your next dinner party, so you’re going to want a tablecloth that fits the bill for the occasion. And if you want the party-goers attention, why not get a tablecloth with some style? There are limitless types of beautiful patterns and fabrics, so pretty much all you want to do is make sure that you don’t go for the mundane and the ordinary.

Have Games at the Ready

Party games for grown-ups, when started properly, can be the saving grace of any gathering. If you want to know which ones work, you’ll just have to try them. There are hundreds of lists available online that explain basic age groups, demographics, types of parties their good for, and ways to bend the rules in case things get dull. Just make sure you already have a few in mind on hand so you don’t have to look them up after people are already getting snoozy.

Try for a Food Theme

One thing that will keep people entertained and occupied is if you pick an overall theme for your food. So instead of just the usual mishmash of whatever goes, try to aim for something like “Asian” or “Mediterranean” or “African”. That will force people to pay more attention to the overall value of what you’re trying to put together.

Go for Casual Rather than Formal

Formal dinner parties have a tendency to put people on guard, and then there’s also the chance that someone is going to spill some food on their nice clothes and get upset. So if you can, up the energy level and enjoyment of your next party by going as casual as possible.

Get Some Interior Decoration Ideas

And finally, a great way to spruce up the vibe is by using holiday interior decoration tips that you can find. For Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, and all the others, there are ways to decorate the interior of your home, at least in the dining and living rooms, to make people comfortable and happy.

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