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5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Child-Friendly

8th Dec 2017

Sharing a bathroom with your kids can be really challenging for various reasons, ranging from the fact that you are not the same size to potential dangers of injuries children are more susceptible to. Of course, for parents, children’s safety and comfort are top priorities, but overhauling your bathroom and completely depriving it of style is a compromise you don’t have to make. There are ways to adapt your bathroom to your kids’ needs without making yourself feel uncomfortable.

Keep the dangerous things out of their reach

Bathrooms are filled with things that can hurt little children, ranging from dangerous cleaning chemicals and medicine to electricity. Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve this since little kids are shorter than adults and they can’t reach everything from floor to ceiling. Organize your storage in a way that allows you to keep such items (including scissors, razors, etc.) in the highest shelves. As for the electricity, use a ground-fault circuit interrupter to protect electrical outlets. Also, you should unplug the blow drier and other appliances that produce heat and store them in a locked drawer.

Keep the necessary things within their reach

Some things should be available to children in the bathroom. Those are usually items for their personal hygiene, including the toothpaste, toothbrush and the bathroom sink. Store the soap and other necessities on lower shelves in the storage, and get your kids a step stool that you will keep under the sink, so that they can use it whenever they need to reach the sink. Just make sure that when they get on the stool, the hazardous stuff is still out of their reach.

Make the bath time easier (and more fun)

Bath time can be lovely, annoying or injury-provoking, depending on how you prepare your bathroom for it. Having only a shower in the bathroom is okay for adults, but if you have toddlers or small kids, you should consider installing a quality freestanding bath. Acrylic is a good material because it provides great heat retention. Also, you should place a soft rubber or plastic guard over the tub spout for protection against accidental head bumps. A shelf with bathing toys next to the tub will make bath time more fun.

Go for a big or double sink

Unless your bathroom is tiny and cramped, you should consider going for a large sink with two taps or two sinks next to each other. This is convenient because smaller kids are usually accompanied to the bathroom by their parents. In such situations, it would be easier if you had some space to wash your face and brush your teeth, so that you can simultaneously show your kid a good example and also save some time, instead of waiting in line for the child to finish.

Control the water

How many times have your kids splashed the walls of your bathroom with water? You can’t even count them. Conventional walls can’t stand that amount of humidity, and they usually get soggy and complicated to clean, which can lead to mold and mildew and jeopardize your health. That’s why it is better to tile the entire bathroom. Speaking of splashes, they can make the floors get slippery, so an anti-slipping rubber mat is a wise upgrade. Another significant problem with the water can be the temperature. To make your children safe, you should set your water heater to a temperature lower than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help you ensure safe bathing and reduce the risk of scalding. There are also anti-scalding devices that can be installed on the faucets.

These improvements will make your bathroom a safe place for your children, but they won’t make your bathroom look “childish”. So start applying them today, there are only five steps to a kid-friendly bathroom.

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