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5-tips to save when replacing windows

28th Apr 2018

Upgrading the windows in your home? If so, there are a few ways you can go about reducing the cost to do the work, and also ensure the desired outcome in the home. From increased resale value, to finding the most efficient windows for your home, these are a few tips homeowners should consider, when the time comes for them to upgrade the windows throughout their home.

Efficiency –

Of course, energy efficient windows are key. Not only to help keep the draft out but also to ensure they are properly boarded onto window sills and panes. Efficient windows help keep light out, they reduce noise levels, they are going to keep the home cooler/warmer during summer and winter months and they are obviously going to reduce energy consumption so reduce heating/cooling costs in the home.

UV rated –

If you have colourful furniture, hardwood floors or other items in the home that fade, consider UV-rated windows. Not only do they better block out sun, they are going to help maintain more efficient temperatures inside of the home as well. Your furniture is going to look better, your floors won’t fade, and your window treatments are not going to look dated after a few months when you choose windows which have UV-protection rating built in.

Noise cancellation –

There are windows which are also rated to block out noise from the home. This is something you should consider when investing in new windows. Sound proofing and other barriers are built into these windows, which will help reduce redundancy, external noise and are going to help create a more calming/welcoming environment in the home. Especially if you live in an area or neighborhood which is extremely loud they will help to block out street noise and traffic as well.

Double or triple glazing –

This is not only going to help retain strength and durability, so your new windows will last longer, it is also a decorative style. These windows have design pieces, accent pieces and other detail work throughout so they are going to give your home that distinct look and style you want to feature. If you are looking for something different or a distinct design element, you can typically find it when you choose double or triple-glazed windows you are going to install.

Who to hire-

The last tip is to shop around for tradespeople and contractors before hiring one. Doing this is going to ensure you have more selection to choose from when you are ready to invest in new windows and it is also going to guarantee the installation work is properly done in the home. So, they are going to look good and they are going to function in the home as they should once your new windows are installed. Just like you compare prices of installing new windows, compare the local contractors or tradespeople you are considering before hiring them to ensure the work is done properly in your home.

Before you buy/install new windows, consider a few of these tips to ensure you find the best product, and best deal when you buy.

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