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5 Simple & Affordable Bedroom Ideas For Your Toddler’s First Bedroom

30th Jan 2018

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So, your little one has reached the age where you need to get their own bedroom ready for them. It can be hard to set up a nice workable room on a budget but it can be done. Here are some ways you can prepare your child’s first ever bedroom and not spend a fortune. 

A great bedframe

Not only do you want a comfortable bed for your toddler but you want a great looking bed frame too. A good bed can transform a room and it’s a good idea to choose your bed frame first before you decide on the rest of the decor. That way you have a central focus to build the room around. Choose something that your toddler will love but will grow with them too.

Plenty of storage

A staple of toddler bedroom design is storage. Be it toys, clothes or other toddler essentials you need somewhere smart and accessible to store them. There are plenty of budget options to choose from. Including toy storage boxes, stackable storage and space saving wardrobe hangers. Make the most of the space and keep the room clean and tidy. As much as it can be with a toddler around.

A table lamp or night light

Lighting is important in any room and a small lamp is an excellent addition to a toddler’s bedroom. They don’t have to cost the earth either. Choose from touch sensitive or voice activated for the tech inspired parent or go for a traditional switch or night light lamp. Remember to choose the shade carefully, you want something that is easy to clean and won’t gather too much dust! Of course, the design is important too so find one that matches your overall theme.

Home made decor

There are plenty of things you can do to make your toddlers room brighter and more fun without spending a fortune. DIY projects are great when you create something specifically for your own child. Painted framed prints hung on the wall, bunting and bright cushions can really transform the room. A painted feature wall that can be changed as the child grows is also another good idea. Making these things can be exciting but if you don’t have the time or the skills you can pick up items in stores if you know where to look for the bargains.

A playmat or kids rug

Having a comfy and fun place to play is definitely needed in a toddler’s bedroom. A play mat or comfortable rug is an excellent choice to define a small play area. This will make your toddler more likely to enjoy playing in their own room and make it a fun and relaxing place to be. If you are worried about your toddler only wanting to play and not sleep in their room, you can always roll up and put away the mat at the end of the day. Giving a clear signal of day and night and when its time to play and sleep.

Which ideas will you use?

You’ve seen just a few basic, budget friendly ideas which will help you plan you toddlers new room. As long as you have the main items of furniture and decorate in a fun and engaging way for your toddler. You can create the perfect toddler bedroom for your little one without breaking the bank.

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