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5 Signs Your Relationships Is Headed For Divorce

12th Sep 2019

Marriage is never an easy road. It’s normal to find yourself facing difficult moments together throughout the years. Many couples are able to overcome their differences and grow stronger as a relationship despite the challenges that they face.


For other couples, however, their relationships don’t seem to stand the test of time. Despite their efforts, they get divorced.  


So, how can you tell if your own marriage is heading in the direction of divorce? Here are some of the biggest signs that your marriage is going to end.


You Stop Saying Thank You


One of the most critical parts of a marriage is appreciating one another. When the other person in the relationship makes an effort, it’s vital that they feel valued.


Over time, when contempt builds, couples stop appreciating each other’s efforts and no longer both thanking each other. Unfortunately, gratitude is an essential element of mutual respect and admiration.


Lack of saying thank you is a fast track to the deterioration of a relationship. If you find you or your partner stop saying thank you altogether, it may be time to ask yourself whether you think divorce is a reality.


Criticizing Each Other


When you start focusing on everything that’s wrong with your partner rather than everything that you like, you drive a wedge between you.


Criticizing each other will eventually start to drive each of your crazy. Over time you won’t even want to be around the person since all they do is point out your faults and vice versa.


The point of a relationship is to feel good about yourself with someone, not feel like you’re less than worthy.


You Stop Trying or Making An Effort


When you both stop trying altogether, it’s likely a sign that neither one of you want to do this anymore. Relationships require effort in all sorts of areas from helping with the household duties to putting thought into your appearance.  


Couples who no longer care what their partner thinks, it’s likely because they both resent each other. When you stop trying, you’re essentially giving up, which is a sure sign that divorce is inevitable.


The Blame Game


Some couples have so much tension and resentment built up between the two of them that they’re constantly blaming everything on each other.


Regardless of whether their favorite football team loses, or it rained that day, the fault always seems to land on their partner.




One of the most painful indications that your marriage is beyond repair is when infidelity begins. When the intimacy is lost, then couples start looking elsewhere for their needs.


If you still want to try to make your marriage work before things get to this point, consider therapy as soon as possible.

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