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5 Reasons to Buy Your Used Car from a Dealership Instead of a Private Seller

4th Oct 2016

If you’re looking to scrap your current car, chances are that you’ll be thinking about buying a replacement. Most people will want to save money by buying used. That means either going through a dealership or looking at private sellers, but which option should you pick?image

Here are just five reasons why dealers often turn out to be the better option.

  1. Reliability

Dealers are naturally more concerned about maintaining their reputations than private sellers. That means that they will have had trained auto mechanics go over each used vehicle they sell to ensure that it meets the highest standards. They might even offer a warranty to cover you against future problems, which a private seller certainly won’t do.

  1. Ongoing Care

Dealers usually have on onsite service centre. If something goes wrong with the vehicle in the future, or if you get into a minor accident, you’ll know right where to bring it for repairs. Dealers will also lay out a proper service schedule for you to follow, ensuring that oil changes and tire rotations are never accidently skipped.

  1. Ongoing Relationship

Another good reason to go with a dealership is that you’ll be building the foundations of an ongoing relationship. You might not experience the benefits right away, but dealers often provide their loyal customers with preferential rates and offers; buying your next vehicle from the same location could come with significant incentives.

  1. Wider Selection

Private sellers will just be offering the one vehicle, but dealers will have a whole range for you to choose from. You can take several out for a test drive on the same day in order to compare them, then ask the advice of an experienced sales agent to make sure you find one that can precisely cater to your needs.

  1. Less Footwork

Visiting a dealership is easy. All you have to do is head down while they are open if you’d like to take a look at their selection. Meeting with a private seller is a different story; you’ll have to work around their schedule and could make a long journey for nothing if the car doesn’t turn out to be as suitable as it seemed in the advert.

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