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5 Quick Ways To Make Financial Ends Meet As a Parent

16th Mar 2016

Being a parent is a huge responsibility both socially and financially, and though a majority of the social aspect can be pushed through with quick burst of time and energy, sometimes the financial aspect can get away, leaving you with a sense of being powerless in certain short-term situations.


However, there are some tried and true ways to create quick solutions for emergency financial situations, and at least being aware of them will give you some options if you find yourself in a pinch, so doing a little bit of research or some soul-searching in advance can better prep you for some potential financial loose ends. Consider the following five ways to make ends meet quickly, including thinking about loans, post-dated checks, barter, and quick fire sales.

Payday Loans

Simply because of timing or event not under your control, there are occasions as a parent when getting payday loans are the quickest and best solution. You just need to be aware in advance that these types of loans can result in a vicious cycle if you aren’t careful, and the loaner in this case has the financial advantage. They’re giving you a quick and efficient way to handle emergencies, not trying to provide you with a shortcut.

Money From Friends and Family

Especially when you have a child, friends and family can float you cash for short amounts of time with no problems generally, as long as you’re appreciative and pay people back absolutely as soon as possible. The important thing is to ask in a way that shows that their help goes to a specific need, and showing a plan of how you expect to pay them back helps as well.

Post-Dated Checks

Post-dating checks is another way to show people that you own money that you’re good for your word, and that time has just gotten away from you one way or another. This is a responsible way to deal with things like rent to a private owner, for instance, when there’s a certain amount of trust already in place.


When dealing with private individuals over money that’s owed, it’s not a bad idea to barter goods and services as well. Lots of parents will join loose collectives where they’ll trade meals for their kids for cleaning services or running errands.

Selling Old Stuff

And as a parent, you’re always going to have old stuff around. Old appliances, old kids clothes, old furniture or entertainment gear, etc. If you’re in a bind, you can sell things either to second hand stores or even through things like e-bay or Craigslist and make ends meet that way.

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