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5 Design Tips To Work With Natural Lighting In Your Home

17th Jan 2016

When it comes to lighting your home, there’s nothing like good old sunshine through the windows. So, from a design standpoint, one of the first things that you should consider when adding elements to your interior home design, is the natural lighting that you get to work with already.


Yes, you can add to it with whatever artificial lights you want later, like a drum light fixture, but just like the structure of your home is important, the structure of your natural light scheme plays a similar role. Consider then, using solar screens, mirrors, plant arrangements, interior color schemes, and fixed windows as ways to emphasize this important aspect of interior design.

Use Solar Screens

Solar screens are a great addition to your home design for several reasons. They block out the heat without restricting your view, for starters. That means that during the summer season when before you either had to deal with no light at all, or blistering heat, you now have another option that is not only practical, but also aesthetic as well!

Mirrors Are Your Friends

And a super easy and modifiable way to use natural light to your advantage is by setting up mirrors in areas that would otherwise not be all that lit up. Just a few shiny surfaces hanging on the walls, or even placed in corners, and a room that would otherwise be dull is suddenly full of outside light! You might have to play with angles and placement a bit at first, but the great thing about moveable mirrors is that you can adjust them during the day depending on the angle of the sun and who is going to be in the room at that time.

Arrange Plants Accordingly

And you might be surprised that doing some simple flower and plant arrangements in rooms will make a big perceptive difference in the amount of light that people see. First, you’re going to want to place them where the sun hits naturally, and this will emphasize the color and add to the reflective value.

Make Interior Colors Match With Natural Light

If you pick a room theme that works with the amount of natural light you get, that will help your overall cause as well. For instance, if you paint a room in yellows and oranges, that will naturally emphasize the idea of sunlight, and then just decorate following that pattern.

Fix Your Windows As Necessary

And finally, if your windows aren’t big enough, or aren’t placed in the right way to get the most light possible, it might cost a bit of money initially, but buying new ones or repairing older windows can be the exact solution to your interior design needs.

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