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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Guest Bedroom

22nd Nov 2018

Having a guest at home may seem like a challenge to every homeowner. All we want is for our overnight visitors to feel at home and the key to it is a welcoming ambience, simple hospitality and a few styling tweaks can make all the difference, especially in our guest bedroom.

Our home is an extension of our self and part of us wants to make a good impression to our guests. Here, we have gathered some styling tricks for being the perfect host that can make your overnight guests feel welcome and comfortable. 

  1. Luxe Bedding.

Choosing the right bedding is a good starting point for your guest room decorating makeover. Before heading to a furniture shop, make sure that you have surveyed the lot area of your guest bedroom properly in order to get the right fit of bedding frame.

Decide what bedding style you want for your guest room. If you have decided on getting a bedding with the headboard, opt for an upholstered headboard as they make a comfy bed. It’s nice to have this feature in your guest bedding because they have soft fabric good for leaning up against while watching or reading.

The colour of your guest room bedding will also help you choose what paint colour you’ll use for the bedroom. If you can’t find a colour that would work best for your wall paint, just throw in some decorative pillows with lighter accent colours to brighten up the ambience of your guest bedroom.

As for your bed sheets, always go for white, clean and high-quality sheets. They’re really quite comfortable and believe me, your guest will adore you for this. And don’t give your guests a saggy, stained pillow. Provide new and fresh pillows with ironed pillowcases.

  1. Tidy Up and Empty Storage Spaces.

We are all guilty of storing our things in the guest bedroom to the point that it started to appear like a storage area. Cramping your guest bedroom with things you don’t normally use send some bad signals to your guests of feeling unwanted in your home. So if you’re guilty of this as most of us, now is the right time to declutter your bedroom and find a permanent space for those objects.

If you’re expecting a guest, thoroughly clean your house before they arrive and make the necessary house repairs you have been putting off. Good accommodation also means providing your guests plenty of room for themselves and a homey environment at the same time. 

  1. Don’t Forget the Essentials.

Being the perfect host also means meeting the need of your guests preemptively. We’ve all been a guest before and we all know that it is a bit awkward for some people to ask for things like medicine, toothpaste or even tampons. As the host, you have to think ahead and make sure that you’ve prepared a care package your guests could carry around whenever necessary.

Some of the things you may put in the care package are soap, shampoo, and conditioner, lotion, tampons/pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, disposable razors, band-aids, pain reliever, sleep aid, and earplugs. Don’t also forget to prepare fresh and clean bathrobes and towels that they could use throughout their stay in your place.

This will make them comfortable and feel at home as they don’t have to always ask for anything they need. 

  1. Vacation Reads at Hand.

Share your favourite collection of books with your guest or provide current magazines. This is a good way to introduce your literary taste that you could both talk about. It’s also an interesting activity when they’re killing time especially if they’re night owls or early risers. 


In designing a guest bedroom, the secret ingredient is to think like a guest. Ask yourself if your guest bedroom would make you feel comfortable and welcome or do the paint colour and the bedding make you feel good when you are inside the room?

If your answers to all these questions are in the affirmative then you have nothing to worry about. Stop obsessing about the look and focus more on the comfort your guest bedroom can offer!

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