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4 Tips For Going Back To School As a Parent

17th Jan 2018

Wanting to go back to school as an adult is incredibly commendable.  There is never an age which is too great to go back and continue your studies.

While the reason for going back to school may vary for different people, it’s no doubt still a big step for anyone.  Perhaps your motivation is to change careers, advance your career or simply expand your knowledge.  

Regardless of what your motivation is for going back to school, it’s going to be a big change. it may have been a while since you had to do things like homework.   Finding the time to complete the new tasks that school requires can be especially challenging when you have a family to look after.

Going back to school with kids requires flexibility on everyone’s part which can involve some challenges.  

If you’ve been thinking about going back to school but aren’t sure how to go about it with kids, here are some tips to make sure it works out for the best.

Make Sure The Whole Family Agrees

If you start school on a bad foot with your family, it’s only going to make the experience much more challenging for everyone.  It’s important to sit down and discuss the change with your kids and partner.

It’s important to convey the importance of why you want to go back and that you need their support.  Once everyone agrees that it’s a positive thing, then you can move forward.  However, if one of your family members isn’t in agreement, it may make things extra difficult.  Try to work out any feelings of resistance to avoid resentment.

Take It Slow

While you may be eager to get school done with as fast as possible, there is no rush.  It’s in your best interest to take it slowly in order to be able to put forth your best effort rather than haphazardly trying to squeeze it all in. Even if you’re a single mom, there are plenty of job options to consider for single parents.

Try to start with only a few credits rather than too much all at once.  A balance is key when it comes to being able to juggle family life with your education.

Separate Family Time From School Time

It’s important t not to overlap your family life with your school life.  That means not doing homework while you’re taking part in family activities.  It’s important to give your undivided attention to your family when you have your special time for connection.

At the same time, it’s important to commit yourself to your schoolwork when you have scheduled time for it.  If you have to change rooms entirely in order to be able to focus, then do so.  The most important thing is creating an appropriate environment for both so that you can fully commit to each individually.

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