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4 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Child

26th Feb 2016

Adoption is a critical need in today’s society to help homeless children find lasting and loving homes. Without adoption, the percentage of children placed in foster care would raise astronomically. However, adoption is a serious decision and is a lifelong commitment to a child, as such, you should not approach this choice hastily. Included here are a few things you need to consider before you adopt a child.


Your Personal Desires

The first thing most people consider when thinking of adoption is their own personal desires. Do you want the child simply to fill a gap in your life? Or do you desire adoption because you want to help children in need? While many actions are not altruistic, adoption is one that needs to be as altruistic as humanly possible.

Choosing adoption means you have made the commitment to offer a child a loving home. This means your adoptive child is fully entitled to everything your biological children are, whether it be cultural traditions, religious practices, or simple family time. Be aware that your desires must come secondary to your new child’s and be prepared, and willing, to offer them your all.

Your Family’s Desires

After searching your own heart, you may have come to realize your considerations in adoption are pure. The next thing to consider is your family, if you do not have any biological children of your own, adoption can be a more simple process. However, if you have your own children, they need to be a part of this decision.

Explain to your children your reasons behind wanting to adopt. Consider your family’s feelings as they consider sharing their space, belongings and parental attention. Adding another child to your family should be a carefully considered matter, especially when they are adopted. Keep in mind, the child may have never lived in a loving home and lashing out is to be expected.

Your Flexibility

How flexible are you when it comes to your mental image of your future adopted child? Do they have to fit a certain mold to be an acceptable member of your family? Or are you willing to accept them with all of their flaws, misbehavior and shortcomings?

No one is perfect, and many adoptive children have already been through a struggle before they come to you. Are you prepared to embrace them even when they rebel against family love, rules and expectations? Make sure you are prepared to love the child that has been introduced to your life, regardless of how their actions work against you.

Your Ability to Provide

Many adoptive children have been through tough times, resulting in their placement in the foster care system. They may have lost their parents, been given up or were rescued from abuse and neglect. Adopting a child means you are taking them on as one of your own and you are committed to providing for that child, regardless of your personal circumstance. Make sure you are financially and emotionally stable enough to provide for a child before adopting.

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