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4 Reasons to Fit Solid Wood Doors Instead of Hollow-Core

25th May 2017

Solid wood doors, as the name suggests, are constructed entirely of real wood, without any filler material used in the centre. Hollow core doors are not actually hollow; instead, they fit a piece of honeycombed cardboard between two pieces of plywood. When you choose to fit solid wood doors, you will be expected to pay more; however, you will also be getting more for your money.

Here are just four reasons why solid wood doors are more than worth the price.

  1. Excellent Sound Insulation

Doors don’t just provide visual privacy –  they also need to keep sounds from entering or leaving a room. Of course, residential doors aren’t going to be entirely soundproof, but you’ll be surprised by just how much quieter the home becomes when you use solid wood doors instead of hollow-core doors. Thanks to the density of wood and its lack of air pockets, you’ll be less likely to get distracted by your teenager’s music.

  1. Excellent Heat Insulation

As well as offering excellent sound insulation, solid wood doors are also great at keeping heat inside a room. If you only need to heat one room, or simply want to keep one room warmer than the rest, you’ll find yourself saving money on your heating bills by installing solid wood doors since warmth won’t be able to so easily escape.

  1. Longevity

Solid wood doors are a lot tougher than hollow core doors, so they will naturally last a little longer. You can also cope with damage without having to replace the whole door. If the door is scratched, dented, or stained, you can sand it down and then re-treat it. This isn’t an option with hollow core doors since you will quickly sand through the laminate.Style

Finally, hollow-core doors just can’t compete with solid wood doors when it comes to style. You can choose from a range of different types of timber to suit your needs, and you will also be able to stain your solid wood door different colours. More importantly, the evocative style of genuine timber will provide your home with a more upscale air.

Solid wood doors deliver enough compelling benefits to make them a worthy investment for your home, but you still need to pick the right type of timber. To find out more, just contact Timbersource today.

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