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3 Tips for Preparing Emotionally For the Adoption Process

7th Sep 2016

People choose to get involved with adoption for many reasons. Some can’t have children of their own, others want to help raise children who have already been born, some have been adopted themselves and want to give a child hope and love like they felt. The reasons for starting the adoption process are as varied as the emotions you will feel throughout the steps of becoming an adoptive parent. The legality of adoption and the waiting for placement can be hard for many parents looking to adopt. So to help you make the best of an often frustrating and bittersweet time in your life, here are three tips to help prospective adoptive parents prepare emotionally for the entire adoption process.


Address Your Own Issues With Having Children

Many people feel that having your own biological children is the easiest way to become a parent. And while this may be true, it’s not only those who can’t conceive their own children that choose to adopt. Nonetheless, Lesli Johnson, a contributor to the Huffington Post, shares that it’s important for adoptive parents to go through the grieving process of not being able to have their own children if that’s why they’re adopting. Johnson shares that adopting a child isn’t about replacing a void for something you feel you’ve lost; it’s about creating a family of your own. Until you can relate to those feelings, you may have a hard time dealing with the emotions of being an adoptive parent.

Create A Coping Strategy

Aside from what lead you to choose adoption, there are a lot of other feelings and emotions that come along with being a part of the adoption process. You never know what will happen during your journey with adoption. Some of the emotions you might experience could range from anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, anticipation, excitement, and disappointment. To best handle this emotional roller coaster you’ll be on, Rachel Garlinghouse, an adoption coach and contributor to, recommends developing a healthy coping strategy that will see you through each emotional hurdle. This could include exercising, talking to a therapist, journaling, and more.

Ease In By Getting Ready Physically

The emotions associated with adoption can be very strong. The rawness of the situation may not be something you’re ready to face head-on, and that’s okay. Many adoption agencies, such as this Adoption Agency –, will help to settle you in, and provide the support you may need when making this big decision. You are never going to be on your own. However, one way to help yourself prepare for addressing the powerful emotions you feel regarding adoption, according to Lois Melina, a contributor to, is to prepare physically first. This could mean preparing a room for your future adoptive child, creating family traditions you’ll continue with your child, or cutting back on your own harmful habits. Sometimes getting ready physically can be a great way to ease into getting ready emotionally for adoption.

The miracle of adoption is something that many families are truly blessed by. If you’re in the process of preparing for adoption, use the tips mentioned above to help better handle the many emotions you’ll be experiencing in the future.

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