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3 Teleworking Secrets of Home Based Business Mums

23rd Jul 2013

Home-based business mums may wonder what all the fuss is about when Yahoo!’s CEO Marissa Mayer decided that 27,000 employees were no longer allowed to work at home. Twitter experienced a digital meltdown as telecommuters tweeted about whether or not they are productive. According to HC Online, Virgin founder Richard Branson strongly disagrees with Marissa Meyer and says, “many employees who work from home are extremely diligent.” From Brandon’s viewpoint, jobs get done and more time can be dedicated to family time. Employees achieve work and life balance and spend less time commuting. “To force everybody to work in offices is old school thinking,” he adds.

Improved productivity? More family time? What can home-based business mums and telecommuters reveal about working from home?

  1. Home-based business mums know that overheads can make or break their business. After a business is established, a top priority is to check home and contents insurance with companies like Budget Direct Home Insurance. Peace of mind comes from knowing your assets are covered. Teleworkers may overlook security issues while working from home. Keep in mind that checking and comparing coverage can not only reduce costs but safeguard your home and computing equipment.
  2. Home-based business mums mentally go to work every day-even if they don’t walk out the door. They plan to work between established times of day, such as 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. At-home working mums though are always on call, which means they’ll take phone calls and respond to emails, for instance, outside of these hours. Once in work mode, it’s time to tackle the to-do list, and check which task is the top priority for the day. To succeed while working from home, achieving the perfect balance between flexibility and accountability is paramount.
  3. Productivity is a given for mums who work from home because they’re solely responsible for growth and profitability. For starters, telecommuters aren’t spending an hour or more traveling to and from work. They can use Skype for any face-to-face meetings. Also, because work-from-home employees and telecommuting mums can work virtually anywhere, new and different workspaces can refresh the mind, initiate creativity and improve problem-solving.

Teleworking isn’t a solution for everyone. Testing telecommuting with a two to four-week “trial run” is a great way to see if working away from an office is efficient for you. Richard Branson supports telecommuting by saying in about 30 years, he expects “offices to be a thing of the past, and said future workers will wonder why they ever existed.” Branson believes it’s ineffective or counter-productive to provide employees with only one option-one way of working. Choice is empowering and a workforce experiences higher satisfaction. Additionally, there are so many tools out there these days that will help businesses to succeed when they switch to remote working. They would only have to read this blog here to see some different ways of collaborating when working from home. It works for most businesses, so more businesses should consider it. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how many of the 27,000 Yahoo! employees are still with the company six months from now-or how many of them have joined the ranks of home-based business mums.

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