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3 Summer Jobs Your Teen Could Do To Earn Money And Learn Responsibility

26th Apr 2019

When your teen’s out of school for the summer, a great way to help them learn responsibility and earn some money for themselves is to encourage them to get a summer job. But while any summer job will give them something to do and help keep them out of trouble, there are certain summer jobs that are better than others when it comes to actually teach your kids life skills. So to help you point your child in the right direction, here are three summer jobs ideas that could teach your teen about responsibility while allowing them to earn money.

Become A Camp Counselor

While younger kids are attending summer camps, your teen could apply for a job as a camp counselor. According to Janet Fowler, a contributor to, being a camp counselor can teach your teen how to be an effective leader and work well with others. Additionally, your teen will likely learn a large number of life skills due to them living essentially on their own at the camp. These skills can include things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, time management, conflict resolution, and more. And since the majority of camp activities will take place outside, this job will also give your teen ample opportunities to learn to love the great outdoors.

Caring For Others’ Kids, Pets, Or Homes

Summer is often a time where families take vacations or otherwise spend time away from their home. Because of this, teens looking to start their own business could have the perfect opportunity in caring for the kids, pets, or homes of others. According to Anthony Oneal, a contributor to, these types of jobs are great because they teach your teen about running their own small business and give them the freedom to decide which jobs to take once they’re offered. So if your teen loves pets, consider dog walking or pet sitting. And if your teen is great with kids, babysitting or becoming a nanny could be a great option.

Hospitality Or Retail Positions

If your teen is looking for a more traditional employment experience, many cities hire seasonal employees during the summertime as tourism increases. Entry-level jobs in fields like hospitality or retail could be a great first summer job for your teen. According to Alison Doyle, a contributor to The Balance Careers, teens can learn a lot about themselves and about being an employee by working in food service, at a local hotel, or at a retail store. While these likely won’t be the most glamorous jobs, they will teach your teen about a honest day’s work.

If you’re wanting to help your teen get a job this summer, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them find one that will benefit them for years to come.

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